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Nintendo switch Emulator (e3DSx) allows you to play switch Games on your PC, Android,iOS or Mac. Download and play hundreds of supported 3DS Roms for free!

If you are a fan of Nintendo games, then for sure you have wished for a means so that you can play your favorite Nintendo games on your devices, especially if you do not own a console. But, no need to worry because we give you the best 3DS emulators that you can use to play 3DS games on your smartphones or computers.

With the popularity of Nintendo games worldwide, 3DS emulators make them accessible to everyone who loves Nintendo games. These emulators emulate a Nintendo 3DS system so that you can effortlessly play your desired Nintendo games without needing a console. In this article, we have compiled the best 3DS emulators 2020 you can use.

3ds Emulator For Macbook

Article GuidePart 1. What Is the Best 3DS Emulator for Mac?Part 2. Things to Consider When Choosing a 3DS EmulatorPart 3. Bonus Tip: How to Speed Up Your Mac Device for a Better Gaming ExperiencePart 4. Conclusion

Part 1. What Is the Best 3DS Emulator for Mac?

#1 Pretendo NDS Emulator

  1. Citra is a open source 3DS emulator for PC, Linux and Mac. In this third release there are already many 3DS games playable but many 3ds games don't work yet! This unique emulator is the first that allows users to to play Nintendo 3DS games. Lots of people all over the world know the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS Emulator is a user friendly program that.
  2. Download the free trial version of 3ds Max 2021. Discover Autodesk's iconic 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software.

The first one on our list is Pretendo NDS Emulator - a 3DS simulator designed for Android users. You can either use your Android tablet or smartphone to play your favorite Nintendo DS. It also allows you to load compact files, .rar, .dsor, and .rom files which is the best feature that this emulator can offer. But, make sure that you legally purchase these 3DS ROMs.

Also, this emulator does not come with default ROMs which makes it easier to configure. Another notable feature of this simulator is that it can instantly save your game’s progress. You can even increase the speed by removing music or graphics.

#2 R4 3DS Emulator

A lot of Nintendo 3DS emulator games can be played using this emulator. But, the recent ones are not guaranteed to be available in this tool. It can imitate the gamely operation and visual interface of the Nintendo 3DS. This allows you to enjoy a wide variety of games using just your computer.

After starting this emulator, you need to insert your game’s cartridge and you need to choose the files for the game you want to play. You can change the different buttons on your keyboard as well. Using this emulator, your work’s result can be directly shown to you on your PC without the console. But do note that this software cannot work with the latest games.

#3 Citra 3DS Emulator

This fully functional and user-friendly 3D emulator designed for PCs uses has 3D visuals with more resolution compared to the original Nintendo console. It supports Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. Citra was released way back in 2015 but as a conceptual, open-source program. It does not have a graphical user interface which means that you need to run the system using your command line.

3ds Emulator Mac Download Free

Citra also offers different visualizations depending on your computer. This makes this tool among the strongest PC 3DS emulators. It can show the displays concurrently and the cursor can monitor the pressure.

#4 RetroArch


RetroArch is a fully-packed 3DS emulator compatible with Android and PC users. Aside from being an emulator, you can also use it as a player for your media files as well as a game engine. You can use it with various systems like SNES, PlayStation, and other similar systems.

Most of all, you can use it for free even on your PlayStation, BlackBerry, Raspberry Pi, Wii, Mac, iOS, and Linux devices. This emulator is the complete solution that also allows you to customize the interface settings.

#5 Drastic DS Emulator

This is a popular 3DS emulator for Android devices. It is commonly known for its ability to render Nintendo games so you can play them easily. Moreover, it has a much faster speed that can deliver excellent graphics. It is among the most victorious emulators in the market. Its features include support for hardware and software, quick progress, support for Google Drive, etc.

It also allows you to launch more than one game simultaneously and quickly switch displays. You can also modify the graphics and buttons to use in other games. Plus, you can customize the settings according to your liking. You can sync your device with Google Play to restore your titles which is the reason why this tool is among the most popular 3DS emulators for Android.

#6 DeSmuME

Aside from being a Nintendo emulator, DeSmuME gives your access to your favorite games without charging you anything. If you miss playing Nintendo matches, this tool can help you access your desired games easily on your PC. DeSmuME works by using a 32-bit framework which you will not commonly find in emulators. The developers of this tool are very active and are working hard to keep bugs from ruining your gaming experience.


NO$GBA, a freeware Nintendo emulator, allows you to buy updates because they are paid through an inexpensive volume. It's DS/DS Lite and Game Boy Advance emulator are available for both Windows Vista and Windows XP users. Since it is a freeware, you have to pay for $2.5 if you want to be kept updated with recent versions and get the latest upgrade. Programmers update every time.

#8 3DMOO

3DMOO is an open-source emulator that has been developed by a skilled DS developer. You can find the files through GitHub but you cannot download them officially. Users also report problems about the software crashing although it is compatible with Linux and Windows systems.

#9 R4 3DS Emulator

This is a 3DS emulator designed for Windows users. It can imitate the graphics and procedure systems of Nintendo 3DS consoles so that you can play 3DS games on your Windows computers. This emulator will show you a prompt message when it is your first time using it. You have to pick the files from your game. You are allowed to personalize your controls too. Having a 3DS emulator for Windows is very helpful because there are not a lot of PC Nintendo 3DS versions.

#10 NDS Emulator for Android

This is a free emulator but as expected, it comes with ads. It has a smooth and simple user interface that is also optimized for large mobile screens. It supports multitouch, keyboards, and external controllers. Moreover, it also stimulates the vibration of the controller so your device will feel more like an actual Nintendo console. You can even move your controls based on your liking. Lastly, it allows you to load .7z, .zip, and other compressed archives directly.

Part 2. Things to Consider When Choosing a 3DS Emulator

When you are choosing a new 3DS emulator, you need to consider its features to make sure that you get the best emulator for your device. Below are the things you need to consider when selecting one:

#1 Compatibility with Your Device

Before you go downloading a 3DS emulator, make sure that the tool will have the best compatibility with your smartphone or computer. This ensures that you will have a problem-free gaming experience.

#2 AutoSave

Some 3DS emulators allow their users to save their game using the auto-save functionality and some will not have one.

#3 Graphics

3Ds emulators help in enhancing the quality of your graphics drastically to provide you with a more realistic feel. Getting a 3DS emulator that produces dull graphics would be a waste.

#4 Audio

Make sure that the 3DS emulator you download allows you to use speakers or headphones to achieve the best sound.

#5 Resolution

The higher the resolution is, the better your gaming experience will be.

Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to Speed Up Your Mac Device for a Better Gaming Experience

To enhance your Nintendo gaming experience on your Mac computers, we recommend speeding your device up by deleting unnecessary files. You can use iMyMac Mac Cleaner which is a tool that helps speed up your Mac by uninstalling unneeded apps and junk files completely at a fast speed. Moreover, iMyMac Mac Cleaner can also remove unneeded iTunes Backup, email attachments as well as scan large useless files for you to delete and save on disk space.

Smart cleaning tool for Mac that helps you locate and delete all kinds of junk files to free up storage space.Best Mac uninstaller that can uninstall apps on Mac completely with the leftover files to speed up Mac.Your trusted privacy protection expert that can clear all browers' tracking cookies, searching histories and other data.Free Download

What Can iMyMac Mac Cleaner Do?

Below are the things that iMyMac Mac Cleaner can do:

1. Delete Junk Files

Your Mac probably contains a huge chunk of junk files that occupied a large space on your drive. With iMyMac Mac Cleaner, you can safely erase these junk files to free up space in a few simple clicks.

3ds emulator mac download free download

2. Erase Clutter Files

iMyMac Mac Cleaner can help you locate unnecessary files such as mail attachments, iTunes Backup, and multi-languages. This allows you to erase them so you can save on space on your Mac.

3. Remove Old, Unnecessary Large Files

iMyMac Mac Cleaner can help you find useless large files automatically. It can suggest which of those you won’t probably need anymore. Thus, you can easily delete gigabytes of useless files on your system.

Part 4. Conclusion

The 3D emulators we gave in this article have been proven to work well with the majority of titles. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you do not have a good system where you can play your favorite Nintendo games anymore. These emulators also allow you to play your games easily on your device. Feel free to have a 3DS emulator download and see which will work best for your device. Most of all, do not forget to speed up your Mac so you will have a better gaming experience.

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