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Amazon's Choice for 'sims 3' The Sims 3: Showtime (PC/Mac DVD) PEGI Rating: Ages 12 and Over 2012. Sims 3 Create-A-Pet Demo Mac Download 2011 by Electronic Arts. Mac Download Currently unavailable. PC Download Currently unavailable. Go back to filtering menu ← Previous; 1; 2; 3. I just recently bought Sims 3 via Amazon download; I had read many of the negative reviews and wasn't sure if I should download the game. I have a IMac, and I decided to risk it - I purchased the game, made sure my computer couldn't go into sleep mode while downloading (leaving ITunes on did the trick) and patiently waited. In this video i show you how to download The Sims 3 for free on PC. This download includes all of the expansion packs and DLCs for the game. If you watch thi. Nov 23, 2014 - Amazon.com: The Sims 3: Barnacle Bay Download Code only, No disc included - PC/Mac: Video Games. Amazon.in - Buy The Sims 3: Showtime (PC/Mac DVD) Online at low prices in India at Amazon.in. Check out Electronic Arts Video Games reviews, ratings & shop online at best prices at Amazon.in.

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  1. Amazon Trail 3rd Edition

Amazon Trail 3rd Edition

Windows - 1998

Also available on: Mac

4.16 / 5 - 49 votes

Description of Amazon Trail 3rd Edition Windows

Amazon Trail 3rd Edition, a really nice simulation game sold in 1998 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Mac, time to play an ecology / nature, geography and managerial video game title.

Captures and Snapshots

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Comments and reviews

anonymousse2020-07-26-2 points

Check out the guide posted on Oregon Trail 3rd edition and follow the same steps :)

NaCl2020-06-20-2 points Windows version

So I got the game to run, but it's running in a very small window and it's hard to really see what I'm doing. I'm feeling so nostalgic about this and I'd really appreciate if anyone had any advice or suggestions on how to troubleshoot or fix this.

hspooks2020-05-31-1 point Windows version

Ran pretty well on my Windows 8, once I opened the game through the Data file. The game does frequently crash, so save often. The only issues I noticed were that the movie clips did not play (such as the game opening and the transition from paddling to visiting a village), and my guide's face could not render.
You can save your game on the D drive, but NOT in the E drive.

Nostalgia bby2020-03-28-2 points

Goodmoring ,Soo I'm hear bored if i have a newer hp computer will i still be able to play and download this Game in 2020 ?

larry2020-02-191 point Windows version

i need a windows version

chelsielue2019-11-110 point Windows version

it wont let me save.. any tips?

Juicy B2019-11-100 point


Im here to drink beer and fight, looks like we are out of beer.

Amazon Sims 3 Mac Download

JORDAN2019-10-262 points Windows version

Is not compatible with 64 bit windows. Would love to see a DOSBox compatible version :/

Tauri2019-05-055 points Windows version

I recommend what that other guy was saying. I downloaded it and mounted it and it's in my E: drive on Windows 10. in your E drive you click on the file labelled DATA and in there is an application labelled AMAZON3. Click that to run the program. Make sure you save often though bc it crashed on me halfway through the game and make sure you give ipecac root to that annoying character that takes your stuff and wont trade with you or he wont let u go.

JE2019-02-021 point

Keeps kicking me off about four stops in. So be forewarned.

admin2019-01-280 point

The ISO file contains both Win / Mac versions

PLAY AMAZON NOW2019-01-273 points

HEY READ THIS if you can't play the game HERE'S THE SCOOP:
Unzip it.
Mount the ISO, and on the disc go to the data folder, and double click amazon3.exe, NOW YOU'RE PLAYING IT ON WINDOWS!
To make it fullscreen, right click that exe and under compatibility, make it play at 640x480.

Marge_Simpson2019-01-060 point

Downloaded this on my PC because of comments saying this didn't work on Mac, only Windows. Thing is, it only downloaded two image files, no application or .exe files. Is there another link for PC?

[email protected]2018-12-190 point

let me play :(

old_computer_pen2018-11-261 point


This is an ISO of the Windows version CD, it was only compressed under Mac OS X system, so Mac's metadata got added, the disc image is Windows.

TheresaThe90sKid2018-10-302 points

This works great...on my Windows 10 laptop! Did not work on my Mac at all. I had the same problem as the other reviewers--wound up with basically an empty folder after download. That actually is compatible with my childhood memories, as I never had a Mac-compatible Amazon Trail game. I'm pretty sure this download is incorrectly labeled. Sorry, Mac-only folks!

Ruxpin2018-07-030 point

@Mara it was available on PC as well. My version came bundled with Oregon Trail 3. I remember crashing that stupid canoe so many times! #GruelingPaceForever


ST862017-11-01-5 points

Is this game no longer available to play online?

HELP2017-10-101 point

It crashes every time I press 'start a new quest' running from sheep shaver mac os 9

Larry Burtlow2017-09-170 point

I like it

Amazon Trail 3rd edition2017-09-161 point

I love it

Autumn Archer2017-06-261 point

Well, my problem is similar to another gentleman's. It is showing a CD but when I click on it the file is empty. 'Get info' says there is 605 megabytes on it, but I can't run it or access it. What do I do?

SadExplorer2016-04-233 points

Tried downloading Mac version. Once it downloaded the file was empty and didn't work. Tried 3 times and it never worked. Sad wanna be Amazon Explorer

Mara2016-03-252 points

ah fuck, well THIS is the version where there are 2 more guides and the sharks and pirhannas bite you sometimes! but why did i remember playing it on PC?

Gretchen2015-11-240 point

When I try to run the game on OS 9 through SheepShaver, I get a message that says 'The document could not be opened, because the application program that created it could not be found.'
What do I do about this?

[email protected]2015-10-187 points

We need this for the ipads

ariake2015-03-0312 points Mac version

please please someone put in a windows version? i loved this game as a kid!

Amazon Sims 3 Mac Download

scorpio2015-01-111 point Mac version

I'm running OS 9.0 via SheepShaver and got the game installed, but the app crashes every time I try to 'start a new quest'

Pisces2014-12-183 points Mac version

I would really love a windows upload for this game!

Junebug2014-11-281 point Mac version

*meant to put a heart there but it cut the rest of my message x.x I was saying thanks for this and it brought back a lot of memories. However, I'd appreciate a DOS upload please :D Thank you so much!

Junebug2014-11-280 point Mac version

Omg this game is from my childhood

Libra2014-11-19-2 points Mac version

I'm having trouble trying to play it as it needs a CD...I guess...? Can anyone help?

The Sims 3 Pc Download

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Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. If you have trouble to run Amazon Trail 3rd Edition (Windows), read the abandonware guide first!

Sims 3 On Mac

Download Amazon Trail 3rd Edition Windows

Mac Version

  • Year:1998
  • Publisher:The Learning Company, Inc.
  • Developer:The Learning Company, Inc.

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