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See full list on cwiki.apache.org. Home / how to install Apache tomcat / how to install Apache tomcat 7 on windows7 / How to Install Apache Tomcat 7 or 8 / how to install Apache Tomcat on Mac os X / How to install Apache Tomcat server on Windows,Mac OS X. How to install Apache Tomcat server on Windows,Mac OS X.

Apache is the most widely used web server software which is developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. It is an open source software. Apache Tomcat is used to deploy Java Servlets and JSPs. So basically Apache is an HTTP Server, serving HTTP. Tomcat is a Servlet and JSP Server serving Java technologies.

Install Apache Tomcat 7 server

1st Step: Go to http://tomcat.apache.org ⇒ Download ⇒ Tomcat 7.0 ⇒ 7.0.{xx} (where {xx} denotes the latest release) ⇒ Binary distribution ⇒ Core.


Apache tomcat 10 download

Download the “tar.gz” package (e.g., “apache-tomcat-7.0.{xx}.tar.gz“). Next extract the tar.gz folder to the apache-tomcat-7.0.{xx} folder. Rename the folder to “tomcat” and copy the extracted folder.

Go the Applications folder, and paste the tomcat folder.

Apache tomcat 7 download

Configure the Apache Tomcat server

The following files in the /Applications/tomcat/conf folder will be edited in order to configure the server.

  • web.xml
  • context.xml
  • server.xml

Set the TCP Port number


The /Applications/tomcat/conf/server.xml file will be edited to change the port number which runs the apache tomcat server. The default port number the server runs is 8080. This can be run on the default port number if no other application is running on this port. If not you can change the port number by replacing 8080 as follows in the server.xml file (around Line 69).

You may choose any number between 1024 and 65535.

Enabling Directory listing

In order to enable directory listing the /Applications/tomcat/conf/web.xml file needs to be edited as follows. Change the value “false” to “true” in the parameter value under listings (around line 103).

Enabling Automatic Reload

Change the /Applications/tomcat/conf/context.xml file (around line 19) as follows. Insert the reloadable=”true” statement inside the context tag.

The configuration of the Apache Tomcat server is complete.

Start the Apache Tomcat server

To start the Apache Tomcat server, open a new terminal and change the working directory as follows.

Next type the following command in order to start the server.

If you receive an error saying “command not found” or “cannot start server”, do the following to change the permissions of the catalina.sh file. This should have execute permissions for the server to start.

Next run the following command again to start the server.

Now the server should start correctly and the terminal should display a message saying “Tomcat started”.

Apache tomcat mac os x download for lg nexus 4

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Apache tomcat mac os x download for mac


Apache Tomcat Mac Os X Download For Lg Nexus 4

Tomcat Native Downloads

Use the links below to download the Apache Tomcat® Native software from one of our mirrors. You mustverify the integrity of the downloaded files using signatures downloaded from our main distribution directory.

Only current recommended releases are available on the main distribution site and its mirrors. Older releases are available from the archive download site.

Recent releases (48 hours) may not yet be available from the mirrors.

Choose a Mirror

You are currently using https://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.apache.org/. If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror. If all mirrors are failing, there are backup mirrors (at the end of the mirrors list) that should be available.

You may also consult the complete list of mirrors.

Tomcat Native Connector - 1.2

For more information concerning Tomcat Native, see the Tomcat Native site.

  • Source (please choose the correct format for your platform)
    • Native 1.2.25 Source Release tar.gz (e.g. Unix, Linux, Mac OS)
      • [PGP], [SHA512]
    • Native 1.2.25 Source Release zip (e.g. Windows)
      • [PGP], [SHA512]

You can find binaries release too. You may download them from HERE

  • The Windows binaries are available in two variants. a) Default. This is what people usually use. This version of library is included in Apache Tomcat distributions. b) OCSP-enabled. This one has enabled support for verification of client SSL certificates via OCSP protocol (45392).

    Each archive contains tcnative-1.dll for 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) CPU architectures. You have to use the DLL that matches CPU architecture of JVM that you use to run Tomcat.

    Binaries for Microsoft Windows built with OpenSSL 1.1.1c
    • Native 1.2.25 Windows Binaries zip (recommended)
      • [PGP], [SHA512]
    • Native 1.2.25 Windows OCSP-enabled Binaries zip
      • [PGP], [SHA512]

Apache Tomcat 7 Download

Verify the Integrity of the Files

Apache Tomcat 8 Mac Os X Download

You mustverify the integrity of the downloaded files. We provide OpenPGP signatures for every release file. This signature should be matched against the KEYS file which contains the OpenPGP keys of Tomcat's Release Managers. We also provide SHA512 checksums for every release file. After you download the file, you should calculate a checksum for your download, and make sure it is the same as ours.