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Free 30 day trial of Aperture 3. You’ve taken a great shot. Now you’re ready to make it even better. Aperture 3 gives you all the tools you need to turn your photography into so much more.
If you experience any problems with this download please go to http://www.apple.com/uk/aperture/

Aperture 3 lets you get to work faster.

The fun begins even before you finish importing your photos. Double-click thumbnails in the Import window to view images, play videos and hear audio files before they’re fully imported. If you’re on a deadline, you can begin adjusting an image even if it’s still being copied from your memory card to your Mac.
While the files are importing, Aperture 3 grabs data like shutter speed, aperture, lens and focus points, and starts sorting it right away. You can even add your own keywords and automatically apply an adjustment preset on import.
For extra flexibility, Aperture lets you store your images wherever and however you like — directly in Aperture 3, on external drives or in their original folders. Choose to import RAW and JPEG images together or as separate images so you can work with them individually. And Aperture 3 can automatically back up your master images to a second drive during import.

Organise by Faces.


The popular Faces feature in iPhoto ’09 comes to Aperture 3, where it has even more power. As in iPhoto, Faces uses face detection technology to find faces in your photos. Once you identify a person, Faces quickly scans your library, or an individual project, to find more photos of that person. Let’s say you want to find photos of the bride’s father in the O’Rourke wedding project. Once you’ve identified his face in one photo, Faces finds other photos he appears to be in. You simply confirm the suggested matches to apply his name to those photos.

  1. All Adobe Software Aperture 3 Free Download For Mac free. download full Version is a bunch of all the Adobe Aperture 3 Free Download For Mac downloads. If you need any kind of adobe software so just visit my site to download your wish file or apps.
  2. Retroactive will automatically scan your Mac to locate an existing Aperture, iPhoto, Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro 9, Xcode 11.7, or iWork ’09 install. If Retroactive has already located the app you would like to run, skip to the next section.
  3. Being an Apple product, in terms of specs, Aperture requires a Mac system, 1GB of RAM (2GB for the Mac Pro) and 1GB of free space on your hard drive. Apple Aperture doesn’t come with adware/malware or other programs bundled with it. Apple Aperture is a.

Organise by Places.

There’s no easier way to organise photos than with Places. Places converts location data from GPS-enabled cameras and geo-tracker devices into common location names. Then it displays those locations as pins on the Places map. If your camera doesn’t capture GPS data, you can assign locations by dragging your photos to the map. Later, when browsing your photos, just click the location pin on the map and all the photos shot there are instantly displayed.

Browse photos full screen.

Use every inch of your beautiful Apple display to make selects and compare images side by side. Browse your photos at high speed, instantly navigating between projects. When it’s time to make selects, use ratings, flags and colour labels to organise your best shots. Use the Loupe to examine detail, or zoom and pan multiple images at once.

Organise your library by location, location, location.

Trusted Mac download Aperture 3.6. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Aperture alternative downloads. Download third-party editing extensions from the Mac App Store to add filters and texture effects, use retouching tools, reduce noise, and more. Reset Adjustments. When you’ve made an edit, you can judge it against the original by clicking Compare. If you don’t like how it looks, you can reset your adjustments or revert to your original.

If you’re shooting with a GPS-enabled camera, Aperture 3 uses reverse geocoding to convert location coordinates into familiar location names, then displays those locations on the Places map. If you’re using a separate GPS tracking device, the path of your photo journey appears on the map when you import a track log. You can even extract locations from iPhone tracker apps or your iPhone photos. Which means you can instantly find all your Yellowstone photos, for example, without typing the word “Yellowstone”. Photos can be organised by country, state, city or a point of interest such as Old Faithful or the park visitor center.

Precise brush control.


Brushes let you paint in a wide range of effects to selectively fine-tune your photos. With precise control of the size, softness and strength of each brush, you can adjust only the parts of the image you want, leaving the rest untouched. For example, you can burn the green of a palm leaf lying on a beach to decrease the exposure and make it darker, without touching the rest of your photo. Or you can dodge just its shadow to increase the exposure and bring out the detail of the sand. No matter how much you change an image, you can always go back to the original.

Brush in special effects.

Never before have so many special effect options been so easy to use. Smooth skin, change the colour of the sky, blur the background, sharpen lines, intensify colours and more.

Quick Brushes for quick fixes.

Fifteen Quick Brushes handle the most common touch-up jobs with just a few strokes. Dodge and burn, for example, or add a polarising effect. Smooth imperfections in skin, reduce saturation or sharpen detail. All Quick Brushes are easily accessible from the tool strip.

One-click quick fixes.

Ready-to-use Quick Fix adjustment presets sharpen images, pump up vibrancy, perform quick exposure shifts, make easy white balance changes and recover blown highlights. You can also experiment with a variety of effects, from sepia to cross process colour shifts to black-and-white in different contrast grades. Apply any combination of adjustments with a single click. And because adjustments are nondestructive in Aperture 3, another click can remove effects and return your photo to its original state.

Use familiar iPhoto ’09 slideshow
themes. And more.

If you’re moving from iPhoto ’09, the slideshows you created with themes such as Snapshot and Shatter are preserved in all their brilliance. Aperture 3 includes all iPhoto themes and two new themes: Watercolor Panels and Photo Edges. Each theme gives you a professionally designed layout, title treatment, and transitions to create a distinctive backdrop for your photos. Choose a theme, drop in some photos and HD video clips, and produce amazing slideshows in seconds.

System Requirements


One of the following Intel-based Mac computers:

  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac mini

Operating system:

Aperture 3.3 Download Mac

  • Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6.2 or later

Aperture Download


  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GB of RAM required for Mac Pro

Other requirements:

  • DVD drive for installation
  • 1GB of disk space for application and documentation
  • 7GB of disk space for Sample Library
  • Download

Thank you for using our Mac software library. Unfortunately, there is no direct download for the Mac version of Aperture. To download the product, proceed to the App Store via the link below.

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