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AutoCAD natively on the Mac is no longer a myth or urban legend like bigfoot, UFOs, and unicorns.

The Mac version has essentially the same limitations as AutoCAD Core Console: AutoLISP works, but most of the Visual Lisp extensions (anything requiring ActiveX) won't. So, whether you are writing programs yourself, or using programs made by others, a large part of the tools are missing. AutoCAD mobile app is a CAD viewer for viewing, creating, editing, and sharing AutoCAD drawings. Download a free AutoCAD mobile app trial for Windows 10, iOS, or Android. Worldwide Sites. You have been detected as being from. Where applicable, you can see.


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  • AutoCAD Mobile is an Autodesk service that lets you edit and collaborate on design data over the Web and Mobile platforms.
  • Autodesk Announces AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD WS App for iPad. Where more than 25 Autodesk software products are available for download to inspire learning. Undoubtedly, AutoCAD WS can be one of the nearly all complete programs we can find for 2D and 3D design and completely free for our Mac.

AutoCAD returns to the Mac after an ~16 year absence. Customers have made the request, Autodesk listened and responded with a native Mac AutoCAD named (appropriately) AutoCAD for Mac.

Yes, a native Mac 2D & 3D AutoCAD application utilizing the Mac experience, but still being the tried and true AutoCAD. Now AutoCAD users have a choice of two great platforms Windows and Mac to get their native AutoCAD DWG. You also have much of your customization you rely on such as LISP and Scripts.

Free Autocad Software For Mac

From the native Mac User Interface elements such as Menubar to the integration of Cover flow support in Finder to visually scroll through your DWG file previews, multi-touch gestures, making use of the trackpad (love it), search Help and you get a pointer to the location of the command in the Menubar, and even searching for DWG files using Spotlight this is Mac.

This is a Mac experience and AutoCAD 2011 combined, not some Windows application just ported without consideration of the workflow, environment, and Mac user expectations.

This project was no simple project, we had to work with14 millions lines of code with technology dependencies to be more platform agnostic. The AutoCAD for Mac was a complete re-write and not a simple port or a LT version. We used the native Aqua User Interface standards on all non-custom interface elements and the underlying code is Cocoa for the Mac OSX and iOS platforms.


Our team had to immerse in the Mac world and learn from the Mac experts worldwide to make sure we understood what they would want and need as well as keeping the power of AutoCAD. It is not everyday you expect to see hardcore programmers in black turtleneck shirts and denim pants, but I am sure it happened. There was a delicate balance that took a great deal of work to accomplish. I am sure it will be an ongoing process as we begin to add more and more features for parity between platforms yet keep the individual character and UI experience unique.

Having mentioned the uniqueness of each platform, the challenges and work involved, there is also one more powerful component and that is AutoCAD. Chances are if you have used AutoCAD, you can use the AutoCAD for Mac with very little training or changes. It saves the same DWG as the Windows versions, so you can have people in a mixed platform working on the same DWG files. It also jhas LISP, a command line, UCS, Osnaps, constraints, parametrics, surfaces, meshes, solids, rendering, Visual Styles, rendering, ViewCube navigation, and more just as you would expect of AutoCAD.

When will it ship? In the fall 2010 and after successful completion of the pre-release beta testing by thousands of Mac using customers and students. It will hopefully be ready for students in Fall classes and needing a free student version of native AutoCAD for Mac from the Autodesk Student Communityhttp://students.autodesk.com. There will be a non educational version as well including a trial download.

AutoCAD WS extends AutoCAD DWG to Apple iOS based devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and of course the iPad. This is like the Autodesk Labs Project Butterfly but on my Apple hardware. I have to say this is really nice to be able to edit and view DWG files on both my iPhone and iPad. http://butterfly.autodesk.com/mobile/

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AutoCAD Exchangehttp://autocad.autodesk.com

AutoCAD Facebook Fan Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/AutoCAD.3D

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