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Avid Media Composer Download Mac

Avid Media Composer Download Mac

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Avid Media Composer Free Download Mac


Avid Media Composer 2019 Mac Download

User Guide (English)
User Guide (Chinese)

* For system requirements and known issues, please refer to this page.
Basic Functions (for free)

This plug-in enables import of AVC-Intra format(including AVC-Intra 444, 2K422/444, 4K422/444 ,LT ) and DVCPRO formats.

Re-Link (AJ-PS001G) (Extended Functions) [purchase]
Import of P2 Proxy and ReLinking to Hi-Res data are enabled.
It enables re-link Hi-res data to 4K data (MC 8.4 or later).

AVC-Intra Export (AJ-PS002G) (Extended Functions) [purchase]
Export of AVC-Intra data are enabled. It supports time code output and export specified location in HDD, which apply to DVCPRO formats as well.
It enables AVC-Intra2K422, 4K422 export (MC 8.4 or later).

AVC-LongG Export (AJ-PS003G) (Extended Functions) [purchase]
Export of AVC-LongG data are enabled. It supports time code output and export specified location in HDD.

AVC-LongG Import (AJ-PS004G) (Extended Functions) [purchase]
Import of AVC-LongG data are enabled. It supports meta data import as well.

To use the extended functions
When Extended Panasonic AMA Plug-in is installed, the extended functions are also installed at the same time. But they are disabled by default and you can not use them in this initial state. In order to use these extended functions, you need to purchase the software key(s) (AJ-PS001G, AJ-PS002G, AJ-PS003G, AJ-PS004G) separately and activate the plug-in using them. Please contact your vender to purchase the software key(s).
1. Install the Extended Panasonic AMA Plug-insoftware.
2. Order the extended function software key(s) from your vendor.
3. Packaged key code will be sent to you.
4. In the box, there are a sheet of paper that the key code is printed on and the Installation Guide. Activate the plug-in according to this Guide.
About 30-Day Free Trial
By enabling “Trial” on P2 Plug-In Manager that comes with Extended Panasonic AMA Plug-in, this plug-in can be used for a 30-day trial period. You can test the functions before purchasing the key code.
[ Notice ]
* When P2 Plug-In Manager cannot connect activation server, Check off 'Automatically detect settings' check box in Tools ->Internet options -> connections tab 'LAN settings'

* Click here to refer to the known isses.
* This plug-in includes all functions ofPanasonic AMA Plug-in Ver. 2.6 provided by Avid Technology Inc.
For Ver. 2.6 and earlier, please click here to refer to the Avid website.

* This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit

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