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Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac


Looking for a free app that can provide vectors? If yes, then you need to check out what Inkscape has to offer. It is an open-source power-house of drawing software, tailored to meet the needs of designers, illustrators, and web designers. Judging by the available tools and features, Inkscape can give Adobe Illustrator a good run for its money. The blender is a free open 3D modeler software which is free for use. So if you cannot afford premium 3D modeling software, use Blender, as it provides top notch features for free. 3DS MAX – Modeling & Rendering Software. The 3DS max is the creation of the one of the best software companies in the world, Autodesk. Explore the best Graphics & Design software for Mac. Browse our catalog of over 50 000 mac apps. MacUpdate is serving app downloads since 1997.

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Have you ever wondered what the best graphics software is?

My answer - it depends.

Computer graphics programs are generally created to work with particular types of images, so it depends on what type of images you’re working with and what you want to do with them. The two most common types of images are bitmap and vector.

Bitmap Graphics Software

Another name for bitmap is raster. Bitmap programs are pretty well synonymous with photo-editing. Bitmap images are created from millions of small dots called pixels. The more pixels, the higher the quality of the image. If you want to apply effects such as lighten, darken, sharpen, blur, crop, color correct, colorize, paint, and other operations along those lines, bitmap software will work best.

Bitmap graphics excel at displaying a multitude of colors in photographic images. Your phone or digital camera produces bitmap images. The shortcomings of bitmaps are large file sizes and the fact that they cannot be enlarged beyond a certain point without pixelating. When a bitmap image is scaled beyond its capacity, it begins to look blocky because it’s composed of pixels. The most common bitmap file types are jpg, png, and gif.

The grandfather (grandmother?) of bitmap graphics software is Photoshop. It’s been around since 1988 and has undergone many updates since then, with new features continually being added. In fact, for the average user, you’ll never scratch the surface of most of its capabilities. You pay a price for those features - both in terms of money and the learning curve required to use the software effectively. Adobe software is now subscription-based. You can’t purchase Photoshop outright. You may use it only as long as you pay the monthly fee.

If you don’t have the need or the budget for Photoshop, the most popular open source (free) equivalent is GIMP. While GIMP doesn’t have all the features of Photoshop, it has more than enough for the casual user. In fact, many of GIMP's tools and operations work in a similar way to Photoshop and other bitmap programs. You can get a head start as a graphic designer or just learn how to touch up your own photos by mastering GIMP.

My GIMP Graphics Course is designed for those with no prior computer graphics skills. I like to say you’ll be an “ExperGIMPer” when you complete the course.

A very nice bitmap program that falls somewhere in between GIMP and Photoshop, in terms of price and capabilities is Affinity Photo. The program I use the most right now is a very old version of Photoshop, from back in the day when you could actually buy the software. I’m anticipating that at some point, a Windows update will render my old Photoshop software inoperable. When that happens, I plan to use Affinity Photo instead.

Vector Graphics Software

Vector images are not composed of pixels. Vectors consist of lines and curves based on mathematical formulas. Don’t let that scare you! You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to work with vector graphics.

Many of the tools are similar to those used in bitmap programs. But, the primary vector tool is the pen or path tool or some variation of that. Those tools allow you to create and shape the lines and curves used to build vector drawings. Vector images have the advantages of small file sizes and infinte scalability without pixelating. They’re commonly used for logos, icons, and various illustrations created from scratch. If you need an image placed on a billboard or the side of a building, a vector image can be scaled to that size easily with no loss of quality.

As GIMP is to Photoshop, Inkscape is to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is the most popular and full-featured, free vector graphics program. I just finished what I consider the most thorough course on Inkscape. With 120 video lessons, I cover in detail how each of the tools and operations work. There are graphics assignments that allow you to practice the skills as they’re covered. And the course culminates with a fun project - recreating the playing board for an imaginary board game.

There are also some vector programs that fall between Inkscape and Illustrator. For the Mac, Sketch is a popular program. Corel Draw is available for Windows. The full version is rather pricey, but a home and student version is also available. And, last but not least, the makers of Affinity Photo have a program called Affinity Designer which runs on both Windows and Mac.

I plan to create courses for both Affinity products in the future.

Artistic Drawing

An area of computer graphics that doesn’t fall fully into either the bitmap or vector divisions above is what I call Artistic Drawing. You can get by in the first two types of computer graphics with minimal artistic skills, but for the artistic drawing software, you’ll need to have at least some basic drawing or painting ability.These programs typically produce bitmap images, but you'll be drawing and painting them from scratch.

One of the best programs for this type of art is Corel Painter. And a free alternative is Krita.

Invented at the MIT Lincoln laboratory by Ivan Sutherland, vector graphics brought in a new dimension of images. Utilizing polygons to illustrate images, vector images promised and still delivers non-pixelated images, irrespective of its scale or size. The foundation of vector graphics are from the word itself. It uses vectors which are run through various areas known as points or nodes, these have a position on the Y axis and X axis of a work plane. These also judge the way the route is lead and can also be given attributes to be unique not only in place but in shape, colour, stroke etc. Thus, you need to know about the best Free Vector Software out there.

Soon after the invention of Vector graphics, the world of media changed as every consumer and supplier of any media were hungry to create and use images which never got pixelated. Listening to the outcry for resources, software developers rushed to their aid to create suites of application which would harness this magical technology. One such developer was Adobe but in particular, their software named Illustrator. Developed in 1985 as an Apple exclusive product, Adobe illustrator stood the test of time and criticism proudly.


  • 2 Top 6 Best Free Vector Software


Bringing the best in the class editor for vector graphics, they soon became an industry standard and even digressed to create software for Windows which even today is used by the major population of the media world. Currently available under the name Illustrator CC 2018, they provide a stable station for any graphic designer to work in.

Boasting a cloud server specially for their users, Illustrator CC 2018 packs in the best class performance, online storage, the ability to use a lot of artboards and so much more to make any graphic designer just drool. But unfortunately the pricing of such a product is not deep neither is it justifiable to a point, this is because of the new payment strategy utilized by Adobe.

Coming under a monthly subscription fee of nineteen dollars for an individual, the consumer will feel the need to question the efficiency and effectiveness of the program for his or her utilization. Hence making many users refrain from using Adobe as there are cheaper or even free alternatives floating on the internet. There are also circuit designing sofwares out there. But like all Free Vector Software out there, the quality of such products is questionable.


Top 6 Best Free Vector Software

Gravit Designer

Initially known as Gravit, this free vector software is the best free vector download software ever. It is number one on our list. This is because it provides an ever growing and in-depth toolbox which we can compare to even Adobe’s Illustrator which you will have to pay.

The best part is that you don’t even have to download it as it can even run on your browser without the loss of features. The application also has a beautiful GUI which welcomes the user to keep creating artwork after artwork without distracting him/her.

It also has a cloud service which allows you to access your imagery from anywhere and everywhere. Hence, there should be no question that this should be your goto application if you can’t afford the paid software.


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Ranking number two on the list is Vectr Free Vector Software. This free vector graphics software is for the people who love to collaborate in work. Vectr provides a rich and diverse toolset for any graphic designer. It can also run on your browser just like the number one on our list. But the unique part is that it allows many users to come together and work on a single project, in sync and in live.

This service is available even if you are using the browser version. Even if your teammates are using the installed standalone version. Its also has a simple and easy to use GUI which anyone can get a hold in ten to fifteen minutes. Also, these reasons make Vectr take its justifiable position in the second in our ranking.

SVG Edit

Coming in at a strong third place is SVG Edit Free Vector Software. This free vector design software is very lightweight and is one of the most straightforward application a graphic designer can use. The application provides a detailed toolset which can execute the job as good as Adobe Illustrator. The application has a foundation on HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, hence allowing it to have no back-end processing.

The best part is it’s an open source application. This will allow coders and the like to modify the script to their own liking. Unfortunately, there exists no standalone version of it and can only work in a browser. Alternatively one can use some of these drawing tools instead. Irrespective, being basic and simple has its perks, hence allowing us to give it a well deserved third rank on our list.

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Free Home Design Software Mac


Coming last on our list but certainly not the least is Inkscape. This is a free vector software. It offers very good integration, a simple interface and a mediocre at best toolbox for editing. It clearly lacks advanced features like alpha blending, cloned objects, and marking extensions.

The other disappointing aspect of this software is that inkscape download is easy to install on windows. It is hard to for Mac, but it’s still possible. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of this product has allowed us to justly give it a ranking of being fourth on our list.

Boxy SVG (Free)

Best free graphic design software for mac downloads

Boxy SVG is developed using modern platform and is a modern vector graphics editor. It is a very versatile software with support to many basic and advanced features. The software allows the user to use a wide range of transformations, groupings and painting options.

It supports you to import images in many different formats such as .JPG, .PNG, .SVG, .GIF etc. The user can download the software or can also use it inside the web browser. It is available free of cost and is the best canvas for crazy young painters and designers.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a very good open source drawing tool. It is often used for drawing flowcharts and graphs, but you can also use it for designing posters, posters, logos, brochures and many such basic aspects.

This software is a more basic version with a light interface. It can prove to be a very good choice if you are looking for a software for official charts and diagrams used for office work. It may not prove to be that satisfactory if you are looking for a artistic tool.

Autodesk Graphic

Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac

Free Graphics Software For Mac

Autodesk Graphic is a new version of the previously known tool iDraw. The tool after upgradation has become a bit expensive but it offers support for import of .SVG files, .PDF .EPS formats and also allows import an export of .PSD formats for photoshop users.

The tool provides a good range of tools for sketching and drawing and also provides addtional features such as technical drawing .The tool is also available in an iPad version which also has a support for cloud uploads so that you can access your work anywhere, anytime.


DrawBerry stand out for being very light weight. It is a simple tool that may not wow you with its illustrator tools but it still makes up into the latest iOS version without any updates since OS 10.5. Inspite of being so simple in terms of features and interface, you may still find it useful when you are just trying to pull out something really basic for your low budget project.


Pixelmator is not exactly a vector designer but it consist of some of the basic lines and shapes that can help you with basic designing. The vector mode can be activated with few clicks, however advance users will find it short of features as they have been used to getting all of the vector designing tools.

New users can have a look at the tutorial section to explore more about the tool. Despite of all the basic functionality we still feel as if Pixelmator can get your back when you need to get some urgent and simple logos with basic lines and symbols.


Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac Software

Here are some of the best Free Vector Software that can help you to create all those crazy images you always wish existed. You can use these software for professional work as well as for simple everyday work.

Graphic Design Software Free

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