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Best Free Photo Organizing Software For Mac


An open-source photo organizer has to be included in our list of 2020 Image Management Software. DigiKam is an advanced solution for Windows, Mac & Linux users who quickly wants to sort pictures by name, size, date, title and other attributes. This is the best free photo organizing software for work with a large number of pictures, both independently and as part of a larger Creative Cloud package, although it may be superfluous if you just want to work with a few holiday or family shots. This is free photo management software for Mac, Windows, and even Linux. For an easy way to manage your snapshots, we've rounded up the best photo organizer apps for Android and iOS. Good photo management apps can make sorting and cleaning up your snapshots a simple. Phototheca is a free photo management tool that avoids heavy editing features in order to focus on organizing your collection. After importing your photos into Phototheca's database, you can sort.

The needs for free photo organizing software are indispensable in this social media era.

Do you know why you should use a photo management tool?


Before answering my question, first, let me know why should you keep your family photos and travel photos safe.

Ok. Let me give a chance to answer my question!

The immense enhancement in Smartphone camera let us allow taking high-quality photos in every click. Now, we take a thousand of selfies and photos per month using our favorite Smartphone.


To save the photos we capture, we should use the photo organizing tool. Photo organizing tool helps us to organize and manage our photos.

Plus, a photo management software helps us to do basic photo editing such as cropping and resizing.

You can also read out this article that may worth for you to select the best image editing software.

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  • Best free photo organizing apps for Windows & Mac
  • Benefits of using a photo management tool
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What is photo organizing software?

Photo management software is a kind of program which helps to process a large number of photos. Also, it helps to manage digital images. Moreover, a photo organizing tool offers to edit pictures like resizing and cropping.

Best free photo organizing apps for Windows & Mac

We collect a list of free photo management tool which helps you to speed up your workflow. Let see the list and figure out which one is the best for you.

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is my first choice to organize photos in a convenient system.

You can do batch photo editing, upload your photo to Adobe stock, and add watermarks in your photo with the help of this software.


  • Adobe Bridge has featured with an enhanced user interface to provide you better-using experience.
  • Featured with creative cloud libraries which offer all the assets you need.
  • Allow you to share library component with other users.
  • Offer to save files to your libraries from Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or illustrator.
  • You can easily share your work to the world using the publish panel. You can share JPG, RAW, audio, and video file from your creative libraries.

Compatible on: Windows & Mac

Adobe Bridge gives you the entire asset you need by offering centralized access. You can share assets with your team, do batch photo processing, and add watermarks with the help of Adobe Bridge. It simplifies your workflow by adding creative libraries.

Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer is another image management tool which let you organize photos with ease and comfort.

This app scans your computer to organize your scattered photos. You can easily compile all the images based this software metadata.


You can rename lots of image files at once using the Photo Organizer. As a result, you can locate the image files following a professional process.

Also, you can easily find the image file when you need as this software allow you to search by the image name, date, and sub-folders.

Plus, this photo management tool helps to recover and free your hard disk space by deleting the duplicate file.

When you organize your photos using this app, it automatically deletes duplicate content to speed up your workflow.

Support on: Windows

Google Photos

Google Photos is a completely free image organizing software developed by Google.

You can arrange your photos without paying a single penny using this software.

Google Photos backups your photos and videos to save your memories. You can upload unlimited photos and videos on Google Photos. Also, you can access your account using any device such as a mobile or tablet.

Moreover, you can easily find your photos searching on this app.

Compatible on: It supports all types of devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet.


digiKam is not only a photo management tool but also a photo editing software. You can edit your photos into RAW, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

This software works following the five steps-

  1. Import your photos, raw files, and videos.
  2. Arrange your photo library.
  3. You can browse and view photos in the library.
  4. Edit raw files and photos.
  5. Share and publish photos on Facebook, Flickr, and other media.

digiKam has featured with many tools that organize photos professionally.

You can sort the folder by name, date, and into sub-folder. What happens then is you can find your photos within a short time.

Other features that offered by digiKam

You can upload, sort, and delete photos.

Also, this software featured an auto-rename system that changes the image name.

Plus, you can see the camera information using this software.

Moreover, this software helps you to rotate your photos automatically.


XnView is a free photo organizing software which is perfect for personal use. You can use it for batch photo editing, batch renaming, and helps you to find duplicate content. Besides, it is easy to use. As a result, you can easily manage your digital photo.


XnView is a smart photo viewer tool. You can view photos in different ways including Thumbnail view, slide view, filmstrip view, and fullscreen view.

This image management tool helps you to process your images offering some essential editing tools.

You can rotate, resize, and crop photos. Equally, this software let you adjust brightness and contrast.

Plus, XnView lets you enhance photo color to bring back life in your photos.

What’s more, you can apply filters & effects to make your photo creative and alluring.

Microsoft Photos

Best Free Photo Organizing Software For Mac

Microsoft Photos allow you to create a photo album, edit photos, and make the video. You can create a video using your photos with the help of Microsoft Photos.


  • Let you find photos and videos quickly using the search box.
  • Allow users to crop photos, apply effects and filters, adjust lighting and color, and rotate images.
  • Offer to edit video project which let you change music, text, filters, camera motion, and effects.
  • You can fix red eyes and blemishes using this photo organizing software.
  • Featured with a slideshow to view images
  • Using one drive, you can view photos, videos, and albums from all of your devices.
  • Plus, allow you to apply 3D effects to your videos.

Compatible on: Pc, mobile, and Xbox

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone is only image viewer software. Also, it offers to perform some editing workflow. To sum up, you can also edit photos using this software.


  • Designed for viewing image precisely as well as built with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allow you to edit photos.
  • Featured with crop tools to make the photo in focus
  • Let you enhance the photo color adjusting the color.
  • Plus, it offers a shadow effect to add some depth to your images.
  • Offer you to remove red-eye from your photos.
  • Design with a high-quality magnifier and a slideshow with 150 effects
  • Supported image file: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF

Compatible on: Windows

Benefits of using free photo organizing software

Save your memories

Every photo reminds every journey or moments of your life. Whenever you see the photos, it brings you back to your past moments. Plus, the old photos remind you of the happy moment you spend out with your friends. The photos organizing software keeps your photos alive by saving and manages them.

Keep your photos organize

Using a photo management tool helps you to keep your photos arrange. You can sort the photos by date, name, folder, and sub-folder. In consequence, you can find your photos easily whenever you need. Also, you can create an album to organize photos more professionally.

Allow you to do basic photo editing

The photo organizing app does not only organize photos but also perform some basic photo editing workflow. That means you can enhance photo quality by editing, cropping, resizing, and adjusting the color. Some photo management tools also allow you to remove blemishes from the photos.


Photo organizing software helps to arrange photo by name. You can also add some adjustments using photo arrangement tool.

The provided free photo organizing software including Adobe Bridge, Google Photos, Microsoft Photos, and digiKam are useful and more professional software to organize photos.

The best things about these tools are they are completely free to use.

You can use any of the software for organizing photos.

Do you use any of the software for arranging photos? Which one is perfect and performs better?

Let us know your experience using the above software. We would love to hear from you.

General FAQ

What is the best photo organizing software?

Adobe Bridge, Photo Organizer, Google Photos, digiKam, XnView, Microsoft Photos, FastStone Image Viewer are some of the best photo organizing software.

Is there an app to organize photos?

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Yes, you can use these seven photo editing software I enrolled in this guide to organize photos.

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How can I store my digital photos?

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The best way of storing your digital photos is to keep your files more than one device. However, you can keep your photos safe uploading them on Google Drive