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Best Free Storyboard Software For Mac

Record every shot with the best storyboard creator

Storyboard Foundation. A newer program that is only exclusive to Mac. The program flows extremely well and presents scenes in a linear fashion. You can quickly spot scenes and edit them without disturbing the rest of the story. If you are an Apple Mac user and looking for a free solution, Storyboard Foundation is a good solution. As a rule, storyboard software falls into two camps when it comes to price. One-time purchase desktop software for Mac & Windows, or online storyboard software, paid for with a subscription (there are also some open source options available). Traditionally, storyboard artists tend to use desktop software, although this has changed in recent years.

Popular free Alternatives to Storyboard That for Web, Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone and more. Explore 17 websites and apps like Storyboard That, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. List updated: 2/5/2020 5:07:00 PM. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for Mac OS Truly completing the production pipeline, this software WriteItNow for Mac OS X WriteItNow is writing software geared to novel writing. It Directors Boards Free Directors Boards Free by Directors NoteBook Software is a FrameForge 3D for Mac OS Takes the guesswork out of directing film, videos,.

The power of visual content is indomitable! Speak of a sector, be it business, marketing, fashion designing, movie-making or media and you will realize that the particular industry is almost incomplete without the same. Experts believe that people retain in memory only 10% of what they hear, whereas 65% of the information get cemented in one’s mind through a relevant image. This is probably what gave birth to storyboarding – a sequence of illustrations graphically representing how a video unfolds.

Best Free Storyboard Software For Mac Download

With hand-drawn shots and scriptwriting turning out to be a passé, people are perpetually seeking revolutionary software and apps for the purpose. If you are one of them, looking around for the best graphic organizers to help you with a project, this write-up here will bring you the most recommended ones. Let’s go through them one-by-one and you can select whichever deems more usable. But prior to that, don’t you think it’s important to check out what makes a great storyboard maker? If you are nodding your head to it then the next section will apprise you of a checklist to tally before finalizing your choice of online storyboard creator.

What to Consider before Picking up a Storyboard Creator?

No matter what draws you to storyboarding, always ensure the software you are using, allows you the inclusion of the following key elements:

  1. Shot pictures
    also recognized as individual panels depicting the course of action through 2D diagrams.
  2. Shot number
    representing the timing of a shot.
  3. Actions
    happening in the shots.
  4. Narration
    playing in the backdrop.
  5. FX
    like sound and special effects describing the creation of a shot.

Best 6 Storyboard Creator of 2020

1. Edraw Max

So, the first one in our list is Edraw Max, an amazing storyboard diagram creator, packed with built-in symbols and templates. Available in two distinct versions – Professional Editable and Free Viewer, it empowers all to finish a storyboard diagram with ease.

Thumbs up:
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Prepares a professional-looking storyboard in just a few clicks
  • Best for business and academic use
  • Makes free templates available
  • Provides access to 1000+ predefined templates of superb quality
  • Allows customization
  • A plethora of export formats like Word, PPT, HYML, Excel etc are available
Thumbs down:
  • Nothing as such.
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud, SaaS, Web
Price Pricing of perpetual license starts from $139.
Scores from Capterra 4.6/5
Link of official websitehttps://www.edrawsoft.com/edraw-max/
2. Penultimate

It’s a great app from Evernote to sketch elementary storyboards by going paperless and share the shots via an assembly program. Suitable for iPad users, it’s a wonderful way to stick to a handwritten text by optimizing the note-keeping powerhouse of its parent company Evernote.

Thumbs up:
  • Enables users to organize notes during a meeting
  • Allows users to search for texts in a handwritten font
  • Easy zoom in zoom out features
Thumbs down:
  • Doesn’t support Excel
  • The features are a tad confusing
  • Tables lose its format when viewed from the phone app
  • Burdens users with its dual task management systems
Supported Platforms It’s cross-platform compatible and works on MAC, Windows, iOS and Android.
Price $190 per month
Scores from Capterra 4.4/5
Link of official website https://evernote.com/products/penultimate/
3. Boords

It’s an all-inclusive free storyboard creator loaded with flexible frames, Animatic Tool, After Effects plugin and drag-and-drop tools, where it enables users to share any animatic or storyboard with the client for valuable feedbacks.

Thumbs up:
  • Simplifies pre-production process
  • Allows reassembling of storyboards
  • Shareable with clients and colleagues
Thumbs down:
  • Works only on Windows
  • Data import error messages are less detailed
  • Confuses users with layers of configurations
  • It’s not entirely free of cost.
Supported Platforms Only for Windows
Price $12/month
Scores from Capterra 4.5/5
Link of official website https://boords.com/
4. StudioBinder

A superb alternative to the above-mentioned online storyboard creators, surprising users with innumerable tools like adjustment in scene sequence, modifications in aspect ratio, image uploads, filter columns, etc. There’s more like easy collaboration and presentation mode for professionals.

Thumbs up:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive layout
  • Packed with project management features
Thumbs down:
  • Expensive for small companies
  • Non-availability of customer support on a weekend
Supported Platforms Cloud, Web and SaaS
Price $29 per month for 10 projects
Scores from Capterra 4.7/5
Link of official website https://www.studiobinder.com/
5. Canva

It’s a software that takes away the stress from storyboarding with its simple interface, a huge collection of templates and millions of stock images. Also, it’s a fantastic way to collaborate with your team members and prepare something dynamic.

Thumbs up:
  • Beginner-friendly with easy drag-and-drop format
  • Innumerable templates that save you from starting from scratch
Thumbs down:
  • The pre-built designs are very common
  • Design customization is a tad difficult
  • Not compatible with Windows
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Cloud, SaaS, Web
Price $12.95 per month
Scores from Capterra 4.7/5
Link of official website https://www.canva.com
6. Procreate

What makes it a great addition to your storyboarding tool is its cool program, which includes painting, illustration and sketching only for the creative professionals. The presence of 130 realistic brushes and auto-save options power it for an unsurpassed outcome.

Thumbs up:
  • Works flawlessly on iPhones and iPads, enabling storyboarding on the go
  • Feature 4K canvas resolution
Thumbs down:
  • Not available for widely-used operating systems like Windows, Android etc
Supported Platforms only for iOS
Price around 10$
Scores from Capterra 4.7/5
Link of official website https://procreate.art/
Choose Your Favorite Storyboard Creator
Best Free Storyboard Software For Mac

As always, it’s a matter of choice. If the following three are your priority, then the consequent software should be your preferred tool.

  • Best Overall - Edraw Max
    It’s a no brainer given the host of advantages it accompanies. Moreover, it supports almost all export formats and essentially works on all three operating systems. Even the Capterra score of 4.6 is promising enough for a user to choose it as the desired storyboarding software.
  • Best App – Penultimate
    It’s the best of the lot in terms of usability and customer service and the fact that it’s cross-platform compatible. It supports almost all the widely used operating systems and the greatest of all – it’s free!
  • Best Online - Boords
    If you are not an avid fan of downloads then this is just the right thing to start with for your storyboarding project. Great for people working together on a common project, it lets all team members collaborate and make modifications in real-time.
Final Thoughts

Now that you have cue on what to go for and what not to pick, go ahead and take your video production process to the next level with storyboarding. Ditch the traditional pen and paper job and switch to the all-new and revolutionary list of software. Let us know your experience because we are eager to hear.

When it comes to organizing ideas and thoughts, mind mapping is an ideal method. Thanks to Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping, we can quickly organize our thoughts for business or personal uses.

Although there are plenty of Mac mind mapping apps available in the App Store, most of them require payment and not worth it just for occasional users. Luckily, here we found the 9 best mind mapping software for Mac.

Top Free Mind Mapping Software for Mac

GitMind (Web)

GitMindis a free browser-based mind mapping application. It has an extremely simple interface and numerous mind map templates to choose from. The template categories vary widely from project management to wedding timeline. Thus, when you need some graphic tools to present your ideas intuitively, and you have no idea about designing a mind map, GitMind is the best choice for you.


  • Automatic layout
  • Support team collaboration on one map
  • Hundreds of free editable mind map templates
  • Retrieve history versions & secure cloud storage

Get Started:GitMind Website

SimpleMind (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android)

SimpleMind is as easy to use as its name implies. The most unique function of SimpleMind is you can import a PDF file and transfer it to a mind map. It’s extremely useful when you want to mind map the ideas in an e-book or an article. For mobile versions, users can add video and voice memos to mind maps. It’s dedicated to simplifying the process of making a mind map.


  • Allows to convert PDF to mind maps
  • Users can create reusable mind map styles

Download:SimpleMind Mac Version

FreeMind (Any OS)

FreeMind is a premier open-source mind mapping application written in Java. Though FreeMind may not be updated any longer, it’s still very popular for making mind maps. FreeMind users built a mind map gallery voluntarily so that you can refer to it for inspiration. FreeMind allows users to export mind maps to HTML files. Moreover, since FreeMind stores maps in XML files, it takes little risks of switching away to another mind map tool.


  • Can switch to other mind map tools
  • Limited support for fancy graphics


iMindMap (macOS, Windows, iOS)

Ayoa was previously called iMindMap, but includes much more than mind mapping. If you are looking for an alternative to Trello for project and task management, Ayoa is what you need. Its task side panel stores due dates, file attachments, and checklists. What’s more, you can even receive a daily review email to check upcoming deadlines.


  • Real-time collaboration on mind maps and task boards
  • Instant messaging
  • Sync with Google, Evernote and Dropbox

Download:iMindMap Mac Version

Mindly (macOS, iOS, Android)

Best Free Storyboard Software

If you are looking for some tools which could maximize your creativity, Mindly is the answer. One concept leads to another and with Mindly it’s even easier to form a universe of thoughts. To some degree, its expanding hierarchical structure is not always befitting formal cases.


  • Sync data on different devices
  • Keeps focused on one element

Download:Mindly Mac Version

MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

For MindMeister, it’s worth mentioning that it allows you to embed live videos into the canvas. You may add members of the team and also comment on ideas. Since MindMeister is integrated with MeisterTask, it makes project management even more convenient.


  • Supports to import FreeMind, XMind, MindManager files
  • Users can create an animated presentation of the mind map

Download:MindMeister Mac Version

Draw.io (Web, macOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS)

With Draw.io, you can almost create anything you want, not only mind maps. Besides an extensive shape library and various templates, it also integrates with Confluence and Jira. Confluence users can convert Gliffy to Draw.io with one click and Jira users can find every diagram related to Jira issues.


  • Works online & offline
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Office 365 and etc
  • A little harder than common mind map makers

Get Started:Draw.io Website

Coggle (Web)

Coggle is a browser-based mind mapping tool as well. It’s special because of its multiple starting points, floating texts and images. Users can control line paths and change text alignments in Coggle. Additionally, users can invite collaborators by sharing a link and they can edit the mind map anonymously, which means no registration is required.


  • Team members don’t need to log in to collaborate
  • Still can view diagrams if subscription expired

Get Started:Coggle Website

MindMup (Web)

Best Free Storyboard Software For Mac Windows 10

MindMup is an online option for mind mapping. Google and Office 365 authentication make account management easier. Users can also add measurements to mind map nodes to present important factors.


  • Convert mind maps to PDF, PPT and outlines
  • Users can create a storyboard of idea slides

Get Started:MindMup Website


Above are the best 9 mind mapping software for macOS we selected in 2020. Whether you like simple and fast solutions, or you have a rigid standard on designing and displaying, you can find an application that fits you.

Best Free Storyboard Software For Mac Osx

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