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I've been wrestling with this for two days now (along with my very technically adept brother). I'll try to offer as much information as possilble. I've scoured this and other online forums without success. Here goes:

I have a 2009 Mac Pro (MacPro4,1) which, until recently, had both OS X Yosemite and a Boot Camp install of Windows 10 on it. Shortly after I upgraded to El Capitan, I found that Boot Camp Assistant. The Boot Camp Assistant has just a few but important features. This is the application that can start the Windows installer, repartition your HDD, it can burn a Mac Windows Drivers disk, or it can restore the startup disk to a single volume. If you are unable to download Boot Camp drivers on your Mac computer for some reason or want to download Boot Camp on a Windows PC, you can use a third-party tool. Such tool automatically finds the suitable driver for your Mac or Windows OS.

Early 2011 MBPro/ 7500rpm HItachi dry/ OS 10.8.3 / no updates in queue....recent clean install of OS at Apple store ~2 mo. ago (due to battery issue).

Placed BootCamp partition on mac ~6/ 2012....easy install and worked flawlessly. Used Amazon purchased legal copy of Windows 7 (64 bit OEM System Builder Pack, CD which included Service Pack #1; purchased sometime early 2011). Downloaded all required updates (then and with continued booting into Windows). Installed Stream/ Origin and 4 games (CoD, Portal etc.). Worked fine without a hitch. Two Mac side extensions added for use: Boot Champ for quick changing of OS and gfxCard Status (to control Mac OS side video card choice). NO PROBLEMS with extensive use!

This week: exchanged out Hitachi driive with Samsung SSD (512gb 840 PRO) after extensive online research (in particular MacOS Rumors which has long thread for this SSD. Note: Apple uses the Samsung 830 series SSD in rMBPs). Used CCC (CarbonCopyCloner). Single partition/ Mac OS Extended(Journaled).No problems with OS and SSD. Went to set up Boot Camp partition (note; NOT to reinstall windows; I just want the partition to WinClone my partition contents from the Hitachi over to the Samsung. Many on other sites using the same SSD have been able to do this....some have had issues akin to mine. Problem: BCA (Boot Camp Assistant) only offers two options: download Windows software (drivers etc.) or re-install Windows 7. I of course I only need the first. However, after (~20) trys the download still hangs (~half/way). When I quit and check the target USB: empty, not even fragments. Have tried with at least 6 USB (8gb) drives of 4 different manufactures....no change. Have reformated the USB drives (MS DOS/Fat32 ...all Disk Utiilty offers) no change. Was on phone with Apple Technical today, tried a few things but couldn't get the download to perform (removed all other USB devices from MBP/ tried using Ethernet to router etc. ..) They will get back to me tomorrow. NOTE: Apple Technical DOES offer BootCamp Support!

Have tried using my Win7 disk to make .dmg and converted it to .iso and place iso files on desktop and into destination USB drive: no luck


Tried to use my Hitachi as start-up disk then try to partition the SSD: no go

Tried to use my original OSX.6 disks.....won't take/ work on my MBP now (I think due to previous firmware updates).

Download Boot Camp Assistant For Mac Os X 10.6.8

Saw some tidbits online that since I had first used BCA that Apple had revised it and its options?

One thing that my brother and I noticed: when he tries to use BCA on his 2012 rMBPro (Samsung 830 SSD) he is offered a third ( the first ) option: ' Remove or resize (?) current partition'. May just be because he already has a partition and I don't.

I will post other 'tries' as I remember them or try them. I suspect that at the end of this road a 'clean sweep/swipe/re-format/ re-install' etc. may be the last attempt but I've seen enough of this issue on line that a simple process (if discovered) would come in handy: many of us often change out internal drives and will probably continue to have Boot Camp partitions ( also: my SSD was placed on the 6gb supported SATA as the original HD).

Boot camp assistant on mac download

So: any ideas, suggestions or (online forums to check )etc. would be much appreciated .....and not just by me!

Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much information on the first pass as possible.



Boot Camp For Windows

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2011 new PB

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