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Mac.MajorGeeks.com » Citrio 45.0.2454.266 » Download Now. Free web browser with intelligent download manager. Speed Citrio is designed to be fast in every. Citrio's most outstanding features are located in a shortcut right next to the navigation bar, and are divided into three sections: general downloads, an option to download videos, and another to share websites on social networks.

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Citrio Download MacCitrio browser for windows 10

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Both Chrome and Firefox present users with a polished, stylish, and highly customizable interface which you can tailor according to your own preferences. The design is a matter of taste though, what matters is functionality. Chrome can boast a better support for modern web standards such as HTML5 compared to Firefox. This means that whatever the page you load, it will open instantaneously, and each element will be displayed as it should be. Any web-based game will run smoothly and there won’t be any trouble with playing online videos.
Google Chrome can boast lightning fast startup speed, letting you browse immediately after it was launched. Unlike Firefox, every tab in Chrome is a separate process, which adds to the overall stability, as well as protection from malware and crashes. Thousands of free extensions are available for immediate download from the Chrome Web Store, letting you customize your browser's functionality and complementing it with features that you need for work or leisure.