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Betaflight Configurator 10.5.1 was released to fix a bug in 10.5.0 that affects Mac OS only, preventing flashing of firmware on this platform. Which file do I need? Windows (7, 8, 10): betaflight-configurator-installerwin32.exe. The race flight tune has excellent default PIDs and flys very well but the configurator recently updated and now the flasher tool is missing all of the standard options, it does not download online firmware versions any longer and when you read an existing raceflight FC in the PID settings all the fields are empty ( not 0.00 just missing values ) Might be worth reverting to an older.

Here is a quick video to show you how to install the new Betaflight on Mac computer with the correct USB driver.

Building in Mac OS X can be accomplished in just a few steps:

  • Install general development tools (clang, make, git)
  • Install ARM GCC 4.9 series compiler
  • Checkout Cleanflight sourcecode through git
  • Build the code
Naze32 cleanflight download

Install general development tools (clang, make, git)

Open up a terminal and run make. If it is installed already, you should see a message like this, which means that youalready have the required development tools installed:

If it isn’t installed yet, you might get a popup like this. If so, click the “install” button to install the commandlinedeveloper tools:

If you just get an error like this instead of a helpful popup prompt:

Try running xcode-select --install instead to trigger the popup.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to install the XCode development environment from the App Store. Afterinstallation, open up XCode and enter its preferences menu. Go to the “downloads” tab and install the “command line tools” package.

Cleanflight Download MacCleanflight

Install ARM GCC 4.9 series compiler

Cleanflight is built using the 4.9 series GCC compiler provided by the GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors project.

Hit the “all downloads” link on the right side of the GNU Tools for ARM page to view the older releases. Grab theMac installation tarball for the latest version in the 4.9 series (e.g. 4.9-2015q2). Move it somewhere useful such as a ~/development folder (in your home directory) and double click it to unpack it. You should end up with a folder called ~/development/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q2/.

Now you just need to add the bin/ directory from inside the GCC directory to your system’s path. Run nano ~/.profile. Add anew line at the end of the file which adds the path for the bin/ folder to your path, like so:


Press CTRL+X to exit nano, and answer “y” when prompted to save your changes.

Now close this terminal window and open a new one. Try running:

You should get output similar to:

If arm-none-eabi-gcc couldn’t be found, go back and check that you entered the correct path in your ~/.profile file.

Checkout CleanFlight sourcecode through git

Enter your development directory and clone the Cleanflight repository using the “HTTPS clone URL” which is shown onthe right side of the Cleanflight GitHub page, like so:

This will download the entire Cleanflight repository for you into a new folder called “cleanflight”.

Build the code


Enter the cleanflight directory and run make TARGET=NAZE to build firmware for the Naze32. When the build completes,the .hex firmware should be available as obj/cleanflight_NAZE.hex for you to flash using the CleanflightConfigurator.

Cleanflight Configurator App

Updating to the latest source

Cleanflight Free Download

If you want to erase your local changes and update to the latest version of the Cleanflight source, enter yourcleanflight directory and run these commands to first erase your local changes, fetch and merge the latestchanges from the repository, then rebuild the firmware: