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By Spencer Mcfadden, on August 29, 2020, in iTunes Alternatives

Alternatives to CopyTrans Manager for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to CopyTrans Manager. List updated: 6/26/2019 2:33:00 PM. The Ultimate iPhone/iPad/iPod Manager. Say goodbye to iTunes! Now you can directly create new playlists and albums on your iOS devices; you can easily browse, edit, and delete content from your iPhone/iPad/iPod; Of course, as a substitute for CopyTrans for Mac, Wondershare TunesGo for Mac also transfer media files from and to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at your fingertips.

Find CopyTrans software downloads at CNET Download.com, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web. CopyTrans Manager is the free iTunes alternative. Lightweight and easy to use, it allows you to manage iPhone songs, videos, playlists and so much more without iTunes. Add music and videos to any iPhone, iPod and iPad via simple drag-n-drop. Edit tag information and automatically look for song artwork on the go. Copytrans manager free download - Fonts Manager, iPhoto Library Manager, Manager, and many more programs.

Summary: Not a fan of iTunes? Don't have iTunes on your Windows PC and want to find best alternatives to iTunes? You're in the right place. In this article, we are going to show you what is iTunes alternative, how to find the best iTunes replacement and more.
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Best Free iTunes Alternative

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In the past decade, Apple's iTunes is for sure one of the most popular desktop app on both Windows PC and Mac. As a media player, media library manager, online radio broadcaster, and iPhone, iPad, iPod manager, before the release of iTunes 12.7, it was just getting notorious for trying to be everything to everyone, all the time: music, books, apps, videos purchasing, syncing, and a lot more.

Sadly people can hardly find decent iTunes replacements that cover these all. iTunes is not simply blamed for its bloated components, hulk installations, endless updates, users even hardly use iTunes without a manual guide. Beyond that, tons of iTunes errors occur every single day, and there is no feasible solutions to conquer these glitches (Learn: How To Transfer Music from iPod to Computer without iTunes.). Now this story has been ended with the recent release of macOS Catalina, which split iTunes into three separated apps - Music, Podcasts and TV Shows.

2019 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows and Mac

Not everyone is a fan of Apple iTunes. Why Apple design iTunes as such a omni-purposed application? Would iTunes be a better product if it were split up into smaller, focused, single-purpose apps? See table below to find out why you'll need an iTunes alternative that will improve your Apple product and media content experience.

Shortcomings in iTunes for Media Playback
  • If you want to listen to local music files with iTunes, it will add them to your library automatically. Even you don't always want it to do so.
  • iTunes does not make a clean divide between movies to buy and the ones to rent.
  • It is a very tedious task to get more information about movies.
  • Apple is promoting their very own 24/7 Radio Station, Beats 1, while they seem to not care much about the actual 'Internetradio' segment.
Shortcomings in iTunes for Music Library Management
  • The album view doesn't clearly separate the artists, and the artists view shows the full tracklist for each album, which wastes a lot of space.
  • Users can see the tracks of the playlist but cannot see in the data of the single tracks to which playlist they belong.
  • Browsing through your music in iTunes you may easily loose track and often it takes too much clicks reaching your destination.
Shortcomings in iTunes for iPhone iPod Syncing
  • In iTunes the functionality for uploading and downloading files to and from iOS Devices is hidden under three layers of navigation. Just to get there is painful.
  • In iTunes the user is presented with an unwieldy screen of multiple scrollable lists of checkboxes. Inherently it is very hard to keep track of what is synchronized an what isn't.
  • No way to transfer music from iPod iPhone back to computer.
  • iTunes sync will overwrite existing content on your device.

How To Choose The Best iTunes Alternative - 3 Factors

In the past decade, iTunes serves perfectly: music, books, apps, videos purchasing, syncing, and a lot more. The more features it covers, the harder it becomes a smaller, focused, single-purpose app. So an iTunes alternative software will rethink iTunes first, find confusing and painstaking parts in iTunes, then deliver a more dedicated solution. Here are some key factors by which we round up this best iTunes alternative list.

Best iTunes Alternative Factor 1 - Software Price
Both free and paid iTunes Alternative software are available to help improve your iTunes experience. Even though paid solutions always provide more features and better customer support service, we insist picking free solutions as our recommendation.
Copytrans free download
Best iTunes Alternative Factor 2 - Feature-Rich
Both entry level and senior users understand that iTunes has a variety of limits. We'd like to recommend you the best iTunes Alternative software that can fill these gaps. All iTunes alternative solutions in our recommended list have features that iTunes doesn't have.

Copytrans Manager Mac Free Download Windows 7

Shortcomings in iTunes for iPhone iPod Syncing
Each iTunes Alternative software in our list focuses on solving one particular problem, for example, your iTunes music playback, iTunes library or iPhone, iPad, iPod content management, Apple device backup and restore, etc.

Best iTunes Alternative Tool

#1 Best Free iTunes Alternative Utility

Fast, Light and Reliable Music Transfer

Free iPhone iPod from All iTunes Limits

iPhone Music Transfer

Top 10 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows and Mac

#1 Best Free iTunes Alternative Software - SyncBird Pro

As a free iPhone/iPod music transfer software, SyncBird allows you to transfer music from iPod to computer; import photos from iPhone to computer; copy music from computer to iPod without iTunes. It focuses on managing your iOS media content, with more freedom and comfortness. Transfer your iPhone/iPod music, movies, photos and more without bringing iTunes in.

#1 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Mac - SyncBird Pro
The Good
  • Capable of copying iPhone/iPod music to/from computer without iTunes.
  • Import new songs to iPhone iPod without losing existing ones.
  • Sync iPhone iPod with multiple iTunes library on different computers.
  • Free up space on your iPhone by cleaning out a variety of iOS junks.
The Bad
  • New iTunes Alternative freeware but lack of media conversion ability.
  • Cannot fix missing album cover art, lyrics and more.
  • Cannot rip CDs to iTunes library.

You've Good Reasons To Use SyncBird Pro:

  • Free iTunes Alternative without iTunes Limit: No matter your music are burned from CDs, downloaded from Internet, or recorded on your own, SyncBird can help upload your music to your iPhone, iPad or iPod from any iTunes library, on any Mac computer.
  • Perfectly Sync iOS Content Between iPhone & Mac: SyncBird Pro allows to transfer music, photos, videos and all your iOS content between any of your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.
  • Copytrans manager mac free download 2016
  • Transfer iOS Data To New iPhone: Put your SMS/iMessages, Contacts, Notes, Reminder, Safari history and bookmarks, VoiceMail and probably all important personal data from old iPhone to new one.
  • Wipe Out Outdated Backup for iPhone: SyncBird Pro can find all these corrupt iTunes backups, remove them from your computer so as you can get rid of the 'iTunes cannot restore this iPhone' error.
  • SyncBird Pro, Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone Syncing

    100% Free & Secure Download

    #2 Best Free iTunes Alternative Software - CopyTrans Manager

    CopyTrans Manager is the lite and free version of CopyTrans. This iTunes Alternative only works for Windows but lets you copy music from your computer to your iPod without using iTunes. No matter where the music you're moving came from, it's easy to transfer through with this straightforward and convenient tool (CopyTrans Alternative for Mac).

    #2 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows - CopyTrans Manager
    The Good
    • Simple interface.
    • Build-in iTunes music player that lets you play the music from your Apple devices.
    The Bad
    • Limited file types and features.
    • Cannot Transfer music from iPod to computer.
    • Cannot Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library.
    • Cannot Transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #3 Best Free iTunes Alternative Software - Senuti for Mac

    Senuti, the backward spelling of iTunes, is one of iTunes Alternative applications work solely on macOS (Find Senuti for Windows ). It helps you manage your iTunes library by transferring music, movies, videos, iTunes U, and podcasts from iPod (and your iPhone, iPad) back to your Mac. As a commercial iTunes Alternative for iPhone iPod Music Transfer, you can only transfer 1000 songs without purchasing the full copy.

    The Good
    • Straightforward and perfect for new Mac users.
    • Drag and drop playlists directly into the program.
    The Bad
    • Cannot transfer music from computer to your iPod.
    • Limited feature.
    • Cannot Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library.
    • Crashes and bugs.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #4 Best Free iTunes Alternative - iTools for Windows/Mac

    As the best iTunes Alternative for iOS device manager, iTools is a powerful and feature rich solution, which focuses more on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch content management. It lets you manage your iPod touch through an intuitive interface on your Windows / Mac computer, explore your iPhone/iPad file system and make customizing ringtones for your iOS devices.

    #4 Best Free iTunes Alternative - iTools for Windows/Mac
    The Good
    • Create ringtones from music on your computer and then load them to your iPhone, iPad and iPod.
    • Install and uninstall apps on iPod touch.
    • Screen recording for iOS devices.
    The Bad
    • iPhone File Explorer feature is insignificant in iOS 8 / iOS 9 / iOS 10 / iOS 11 / iOS 12 / iOS 13.
    • Commercial software costs 19.99 USD.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #5 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - SharePod

    Running on both Windows PC and Mac, SharePod was another iTunes Alternative freeware for quite a while until redesigned and marketed by MacroPlant, the developer of iExplorer. It can efficiently transfer your music collection from an iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer hard drive, make it easy to back up or restore your music, videos, and photos (Learn How To Transfer Photos from iPhone To iPhone).

    #5 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - SharePod
    The Good
    • Basic editing on your music collection to correct missing or wrong meta info.
    • Restore the database on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
    The Bad
    • Commercial iTunes Alternative utility (for iPod Music Transfer ) that costs 20 USD.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #6 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows - MediaMonkey

    Mainly served as media manager for serious music lovers, MediaMonkey is an iTunes Alternative for media library organizing and music playback. It's capable of syncing music with almost any device including your iPhones, iPods, MP3 portable players and more. But the iPod Transfer feature integrated with MediaMonkey is quite basic.

    #6 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - MediaMonkey
    The Good
    • Offer plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite tunes.
    • An active community of coders who made custom skins and tweaks.
    The Bad
    • For Windows computer only.
    • Combined with too much codec package that you may not need.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #7 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - Foobar2000

    Foobar2000 is a lightweight but powerful audio player for the Windows and Mac platforms. It supports a wide variety of audio formats and can be used to sync music if you have an older Apple device (iOS 5 or lower). When choosing Foobar2000 as your iTunes alternative for music playback, you'll get lots of reminiscent feelings for its basic UI interface and elements.

    #7 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - Foobar2000
    The Good
    • Runs on Windows and Mac computers.
    • Foobar2000 has portable edition without installation.
    The Bad
    • Foobar2000 requires loading music manually
    • Lack of sufficient settings

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    Copytrans Manager Mac Free Download 2019

    #8 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac - Vox Player

    Vox is an iTunes alternative player for utilizing a Mac's potential. In addition to common formats, including: FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE & M4A, you can also playback Hi-Res Audio (HD Audio) with up to 24bit/192kHz, at 4 times higher than iTunes' standard 44kHz sound resolution. Also Vox allows you to enjoy the 5.1 multichannel audio playback for the most comprehensive, sophisticated music listening experience.

    #8 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Music Player - Vox
    The Good
    • Professional music player on Windows and Mac computer.
    • Enjoy your iTunes & Personal Music Library with ultimate possible quality.
    • Built-in radio app feature gives you access to thousands of radio stations around the world.
    • Stream any YouTube link by copy/pasting (Press CMD+U) it into VOX Music Player for Mac.

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #9 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows - Winamp Player

    Originally released on 1997, Winamp is a legendary iTunes alternative for music playback and library management. Since version 5.2, it has supported synchronizing DRM-free media to iOS devices like the iPod which makes it an excellent alternative to iTunes on both Windows and macOS platforms.

    #9 Best Free iTunes Alternative for Windows - Winamp
    The Good
    • Manage iPhone iPod music content wirelessly
    • Various skin options (not modern designed though).

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    #10 iTunes Alternative for PC/Mac - DearMob iPhone Manager

    DearMob iPhone Manager is designed for a safer and easier iOS managing experience: back up routinely in case of unexpected scenarios, transfer whatever you like, and manage files to improve your digital life.Now you can get rid of iTunes/Finder and embrace more possibilities.

    #9 Best Free iTunes Alternative for PC/Mac - DearMob iPhone Manager
    The Good

    Copytrans Manager Mac free download. software

    • Full way transfer and manage 15+ types of files
    • Robust backup and restoration at fast speed
    • Transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds. Handle 10000+ photos without freezing
    • Export original and edited pictures. Convert HEIC to JPG, bulk delete at your choice
    • Option to convert photos, media files, and books to Apple-friendly format on the fly

    Get SyncBird Pro As Best iTunes Alternative for Mac

    The Bottom Line

    Every iTunes Alternative mentioned above has solid performance and is capable for replace your iTunes in some way. As each of them focuses on different part of the iTunes Alternative solutions, now it's up to you to make the choice. It's a mainstream trend that on neither recent macOS Catalina nor Windows 10, users no longer need an all-around iTunes that handles all media management tasks (How To Uninstall iTunes). Instead, it's suggested to get more focused iTunes alternatives per your specific need.

    Copytrans Manager Mac free. download full Version

    SyncBird Pro

    Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 13.1Mb free space
    Version 3.4.0 (29 August, 2020) Support macOS Catalina/Windows 10/8/7 Category: iPhone Manager

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