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Download games and applications from Blizzard and partners.

  1. Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.
  2. Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

Cocos Creator


Cocos Creator is a script development, entity-component and>

Cocos Creator is more powerful than others. Plug-in development is easy to use, supports multi-platform, reduces the workload for game developers so that they can be more focused on the games development. Their official technical support is timely to solve problems.

Hangzhou Electronic Soul Co. Ltd

Cxz Game Engine Mac Free Download Pc

Caicai (Game Producer)

We can fully feel the openness and agility when collaborating with the Cocos team. The developer's experience is paramount, all for a better Engine tool chain.

Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group

Tongxing Ma (Technical Director)


The emergence of Cocos Creator really brightens my eyes. There has been a fundamental change in development thinking, from code-driven to completely componentized, data-driven thinking, which is in accordance with the development experience of game creation.

37 Interactive Entertainment Technology Co. Ltd

Zhou Liu (Vice President)

The openness and flexibility of Cocos has laid the foundation for our success in a series of games, such as Happy Aquarium, Happy Recreation and Seaside Recreation. The long-term support of Cocos community has enabled us to operate and iterate our products faster and more effectively.

As a free cross-platform engine, Cocos always supports the developer in many ways. Each update shows their compatibility and stability. As a developer, I’m very touched by their efforts.


Shanghai Mu77 Network Technology Co. Ltd

Jiaxian Lu (CEO)

Cocos is committed to the use of technology to change lives. I hope they can deeply explore the future, and push the Cocos engine to another high reaching level.

Shengqu Games Rexue Studio

Zaiwei Zhang (General Manager)

Cowboy up and become the man or woman to save the town from bandits and marauders in a game built with Cocos.

Cxz Game Engine Mac Free DownloadGame

You’re going to be surprised how many places your Cocos Creator games can be played on.

The fun had to end, but the party is still happening. See why in this months report.

While Wineskin has been used mainly for gaming, it is capable of running non-gaming software as well.

More Information about Wineskin

While there is a lot to Wineskin, at its core it runs Windows™ software by using Wine (www.winehq.org), which is a re-implementation of the Win32 API for non-Windows™ operating systems.

Normal Wineskin Engine builds’ Wine versions are built from Wine source code from www.winehq.org

Cxz Game Engine Mac Free Downloads

Crossover Engine builds are built from the Wine source code used in the Crossover.

Crossover is a wonderful product by Codeweavers

Wineskin Engines use WineskinX11, a custom version of X11 (required by Wine) made from XQuartz, which is an x.org based X11 server. It does not use Apple's X11.app. You can have it use XQuartz.app instead of WineskinX11 if you so choose. Wine versions from around 1.5.26+ have a Wine Mac driver that can also be used instead of needing X11.

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