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Welcome to Act 5 of this awesome story.
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is the epic expansion to Blizzard’s Diablo 3 from 2012.
It is set after the defeat of Diablo, where Tyrael recovers the Black Soulstone and attempts to have it sealed away deep inside a tomb.
Unbeknownst to him the Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael, who has been corrupted by events of the past wants the Blackstone Soulstone so that he can end the eternal conflict by wiping out humanity.
-New Class: The Crusader
With this new expansion a new character class is added to the game. The Crusader is a character that focusses on defense more than offense. Being able to wield large weapons, flails, special Crusader Shields and Holy Magic.
-New Game Mode: Adventure Mode
This game mode is unlocked when you complete Act 1 - Act 5.
In adventure mode you can explore the entire Diablo 3 map, from every single act, it also opens up the Bounties and Nephalem Rifts that have been added in this expansion.
Bounties are tasks that can be completed for a gold & experience reward.
There are five bounties assigned to an act and they are randomly assigned so that you don't get the exact same ones over & over. Bounties can range from killing a single specific creature/character to hunting down x-amount of a particular creature. After completing all five bounties in an act you get a bonus reward, typically this consists of crafting materials, gold and some items.
-Nephalem rifts
Dungeons that are created by combing random maps and creatures. Killing creatures in this dungeon fills up a meter that when at 100%, you summon the Rift Guardian. Rift Guardians are very large and very powerful creatures, their abilities vary and there are quite a few different ones which makes it very entertaining.
Some say there is even a very special one that is dedicated to a game developer at Blizzard.
In essence is a gambling service of sorts, in Reaper of Souls there is a currency called Bloodshards that can be earned by completing Bounties & Rifts.
Blood Shards can be used to buy items from her, although they are unidentified until purchased meaning you don't know which sword you are getting for example.
In most cases you will either get a magic or rare item but it is possible to get legendary items from her as well (although the odds are very low).
-New Artisan: Mystic
Mystic is a new NPC that joins Blacksmith and Jeweler, her basic functions are enchanting and transmogrifying items.
Enchanting means that she allows you the power to reroll one stat on an item, for a fee of course.
Transmogrifying gives you the power of changing the appearance of your item to any other item of the same type, but this only holds true if you have found the item before.
For instance, you can make sword A look like sword B, but only if you have found sword B (regardless of the level). Items are automatically added to her collection so that it is easy for you to transmogrify items.
Introduced in this expansion is something called “Season”.
Season allows you create a new level 1 character from scratch, with none of your previously earned items, gold or experience.
It is the equivalent of restarting the game entirely and is primarily aimed at players who have very little left to do on their main characters as they have earned a great deal of gold, items and are very high level but still want to experience the game in all its glory.
Season also adds ladders for clearing Greater rifts in the fastest time, as well as a ladder for earning achievements in that particular season. Season also has exclusive legendary items and they have rewards for players who reach level 70 and complete a great deal of tasks for special character portraits and transmogs.
Beautiful, fun gameplay that can be enjoyed with friends, tons of content with the developers constantly updating and patching in even more content. Coupled with a new Season every couple months and this expansion is an insane amount of value and definitely worth a purchase if you enjoyed Diablo III.

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