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Diskimagemounter App Download Mac

Developer(s)Apple Computer
Stable release10.7 / July 20, 2011; 4 months ago
Operating systemMac OS X
Typedisk image emulator
  1. Disk Image Mounter App Download Mac Download
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  3. Diskimagemounter.app Download Mac
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DiskImageMounter is the utility that handles mounting disk images in Mac OS X, starting with version 10.3. Like BOMArchiveHelper it has no GUI when double-clicked; in fact, doing so does nothing. It is found in /System/Library/CoreServices/DiskImageMounter.app. DiskImageMounter works by either launching a daemon to handle the disk image or by contacting a running dæmon and have it mount the disk. The only GUI the program ever displays is a window with a progress bar and mount options (cancel or skip verification) or an error report on why it could not mount the image.

Image formats supported

DiskImageMounter supports a variety of disk image file types[1]:

  • Apple Disk Image (.dmg, com.apple.disk-image)
  • UDIF disk images (.udif, com.apple.disk-image-udif); UDIF segment (.devs, .dmgpart, com.apple.disk-image-udif-segment)
  • NDIF disk image (.ndif, .img, com.apple.disk-image-ndif); NDIF disk image segment (.imgpart, com.apple.disk-image-ndif-segment)
  • self mounting image (.smi, com.apple.disk-image-smi)
  • DVD/CD-R master image (.toast, .dvdr, .cdr, com.apple.disk-image-cdr, com.roxio.disk-image-toast)
  • disk image segment (dmgpart)[1]
  • Disk Copy 4.2 disk image (.dc42, .diskcopy42, com.apple.disk-image-dc42)
  • DART[disambiguation needed] disk image (.dart, com.apple.disk-image-dart)
  • raw disk image (OSTypes: devr, hdrv, DDim, com.apple.disk-image-raw)
  • PC drive container (OSTypes: OPCD, com.apple.disk-image-pc)
  • ISO image (.iso, public.iso-image)
  • sparse disk image (.sparseimage, com.apple.disk-image-sparse, .sparsebundle)


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See also

  • Disk Copy, this program's predecessor.
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DMG files are containers for apps in macOS, from which you can install software fast. Installing software simply requires you to open the .dmg file and then drag the application to your Mac’s Application folder. That’s much easier than using an Install Wizard in Windows. However, some of Mac newbies have no idea how to mount .dmg files in macOS or for some reason the .dmg file cannot be opened. Now this page will show you three methods to open and mount .dmg files on macOS.

Diskimagemounter App Download Mac

Method 1: Open .dmg file with DiskImageMounter

Diskimagemounter App Download Mac

DiskImageMounter is the utility that handles mounting disk images in Mac OS X. Normally you can mount a .dmg file on Mac by simply double-clicking it or right-clicking on it and selecting Open With > DiskImageMounter (default). However, some people report that .dmg files cannot be opened on Mac in this way. If that’s the case, move on to another method.

Method 2: Mount .dmg file from Mac OS Terminal

Place the .dmg file on your Mac’s desktop and then follow the steps.

Disk Image Mounter App Download Mac Download

Step 1: Open Terminal on your Mac. If Terminal is not on the Dock, open it from Finder > Applications > Utilities.

Disk Image Mounter App Download Mac High Sierra

Step 2: Type cd ~/Desktop and press Enter key.

Step 3: Type hdiutil attach googlechrome.dmg and press Enter key. Replace googlechrome with your .dmg file name.

That’s it. After you execute the two command lines, the .dmg file will be mounted on your Mac.

Method 3: Mount .dmg file using iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac

If you cannot open .dmg files on your Mac using either of the first two methods, it’s a good idea to use a third-party utility like iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac. iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac is mainly to help unlock BitLocker-encrypted drive on Mac, but it also comes with the Attach feature that can attach disk image on Mac. Here are the simple steps you can take to mount .dmg file using iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac.

Diskimagemounter.app Download Mac

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac on your Mac computer. After the installation is complete, launch it from the Launchpad.

Step 2: Click the Attach button.


Disk Image Mounter App Download Mac Os

Step 3: Browse for the .dmg file and select it, and then click Open.

That’s it. The .dmg file is now mounted successfully on your Mac and you can open it. You can also click the Unmount button to unmount the disk image from your Mac if you want.

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