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Netflix is a popular video streaming industry that has accumulated worldwide recognition for its qualitative content. The company has managed to expand its dominion across almost every device. Today you can find Netflix operable on smart devices, gaming consoles, TV sets, and PCs. However, there seems to be some misconception about its availability on Mac.

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  • With Netflix being the biggest subscription service on the planet and more than a billion Apple devices in our hands, many are surprised to find out that there's no Netflix app for Mac. And as there is no Netflix app for Mac, many paid subscribers aren't able to download their favorite series and movies, hence are missing out on being able to.
  • By rating a show or movie, Netflix App for Macbook will automatically bring you similar personalized contents. Watch all your favourite contents on Netflix full HD, ultra HD 4K, and 4K quality with a stable internet connection. How to Download Netflix on Mac. Unlike Windows PC, Netflix isn’t available on the Mac Store. But, you can download.

There is undoubtedly an iOS app available to download for Netflix. But is it available for macOS for Laptops and PCs? That’s the sector we are going to explore today. Let’s learn about what Netflix brings to the table for Mac platforms.

Is Netflix App Available for Mac?

There is no official app from Netflix for Mac. It is a little strange, given that it has an iOS app version. The reason behind the unavailability is to make an app exclusively for MacOS, the company would have to invest extensively. Any investment into a restrictive platform like Mac could turn into a significant loss. Therefore, the company is reluctant to give it a thought.

As an alternative, they have provided Netflix for Mac through web browsers. It is similar to a standard Netflix app, and you can access the complete range of features. Let’s elaborate on how you can use Netflix for Mac.

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How To Use Netflix On Mac?

You can access Netflix apps by using any web browser on the Mac. Here is the list of browsers you can use:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari Web Browser
  • Opera

Step by step Guide For Using:

  • Visit Netflix.com on any of the above-mentioned web browsers
  • Sign in by using Email and Password
  • You can select the profile as you have access to Netflix
  • Remember, you need to have a valid subscription to use Netflix.

The user interface is pretty straightforward. At the homepage, after logging in, you have the display of movies and TV shows. However, you can browse the categories according to the genres. You can use the search option to find a movie or TV show. Alternatively, if you can’t recall the name, you can type the actor or director’s name to get the results.

Similar to the Netflix App, you can hover your cursor over to the picture or banner of a specific movie or show to access synopsis. You can get complete information that Netflix is known to provide.

How To Play Netflix Movie Or Show On Mac?

After logging in and finding the movie or TV show title, all you have to do is click on it. Netflix will load its default player, and the movie will start streaming. You can choose the quality you have the subscription for and make other changes according to your preference. It is similar to a standard app. There is a timeline, pause, fast forward, and other similar interfaces available on Netflix for Mac on a web browser.


There’s a separately built subtitle and audio option available for you to choose from. Therefore, you can pick the audio and subtitles of the movie or show available on Netflix.

Is There Any Restriction In Netflix for Mac?

Apart from the fact that you don’t have a standalone app, there aren’t many restrictions for Mac. It is available globally in every region where Netflix is prevalent. However, there is a significant restriction, according to the browser you utilize.

For Google, Mozilla, and Opera, you can access video quality up to 720P. Safari can support 1080P If you have a Mac version older than 11.0. For MacOS 11 and above, you can access 4K quality, given that you have subscribed to the quality.

If you don’t have the subscription for the quality, you can’t access it.

Is Ultra HD And HDR Available In Netflix for Mac?

Yes. Ultra HD and HDR are available for Netflix for Mac. However, you require the latest MacOS 11.0. Ensure that your Mac is compatible with the high-quality display for the streaming to work. Otherwise, you may either overload your system, or it might not work.

To access HDR or UHD, you need the latest version of the Safari web browser. Of course, subscription to the HD content is indispensable to access the quality. Once you meet these requirements, you can stream Ultra HD or HDR without any drawbacks.

Can You Download Content From Netflix On Mac?

MacOS is restricted to streaming online. There is no way for you to download content on your Mac. In simple words, Netflix’s offline content is not available for Mac, and you require an active high-speed connection. However, there is a hotfix that could enable you to watch offline content on Mac.

Download App Netflix Mac App

Grab Your iOs:

Download Netflix For Mac Free

If you have an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad, you can download Netflix. After that, you can download your favorite content to stream it later for offline use. Now, how does that help you with Mac?

All you need is AirPlay or other similar screen-sharing platforms for your Apple devices. You will be able to sync your iOS device with MacOS. Once you get that done, the screen will be visible on your MacOS, and you can watch offline content. The only drawback to this process is that you require a local WiFi network.

Netflix App For Mac

Is there any Alternative to Netflix App for Mac?

There are many competitors taking part in the race to provide premium quality content. Hulu and YouTube are remarkable competitors of Netflix to provide streaming content. If you seek an authentic app, then you can use these two platforms. Apple has also introduced its Apple TV + app, which slacks in content for now, but we may see it rise in the future. It is available for Mac to download.


Netflix App Mac Download Movie

While there isn’t any Netflix App for Mac, if you get compatible web browsers, you can access the content. It is seamless and doesn’t pose any problem apart from some negligible restriction like lack of offline downloading.

Download Netflix App For Mac Free

Don’t fall for any app that claims to be Netflix for MacOS. If it isn’t available on the official site of Netflix, or Apple’s Mac Store, it is not available for Mac. Keep yourself secure from any potential scams through other counterfeited platforms.