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HandShaker 2.1.1 - Manage your Android devices. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Download it now: here 3) Handshaker. What makes this app my favorite is the fact that it’s completely free to download on the Mac App Store. Be sure to check it out.

Are you looking for the best tools to help you in transferring files from Samsung to Mac? Then you are reading the right article.

The only solution to this daunting task is to have a third-party software program. “What is the best software?” It is not only one, but you are going to learn about tools to use to ease sending data to Mac from a Samsung device.

  1. HandShaker is an application available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, which facilitates a connection between computers and mobile devices to be able to transfer files easily via a USB cable.
  2. HANDSHAKER (Mac) Application available to download for free with CoollySoftware.com, The Best Way to download Mac Applications. Now time to explain to you, how to install HANDSHAKER Application on your Mac! For Mac and Windows, that process is very simple and fast, all you need to do is download.dmg (for Mac OS).exe (for Windows) install.

For your information, there are various third-party apps you can use in this process. But wait, not all are legitimate. So, here is a list of authentic tools to help you with Samsung file transfer to Mac.

Tools to Use in Transfer Files from Samsung to Mac


  • 1 Tools to Use in Transfer Files from Samsung to Mac
    • 1.1 1. Dr. Fone Phone Manager
    • 1.2 2. Android File Transfer

1. Dr. Fone Phone Manager

Have you heard about Dr. Fone? If it is your first time, don’t worry as it is a powerful tool to use when sending data to Mac from Samsung.

It is a software developed by Wondershare and helps in the transfer of data from Android to Mac or Android to Windows. It is a secure method of sending files between two devices.

Visit Dr. Fone to download on your Mac.

How to Transfer Files Using Dr. Fone

Once you download this tool and install it on your Mac, now it’s time to make use of it, here are steps to use.

  • Launch Dr. Fone Phone Manager on Mac
  • Connect your Samsung device to Mac using a USB cable.
  • The tool will detect and show your phone on the app.
  • Choose the files you want to transfer to Mac and select Export to PC.

2. Android File Transfer

Transfer of files from Samsung to Mac is also secure with the use of Android File Transfer. The tool is compatible with Mac v.10.7 and above.

Download this tool on your Mac from Android File Transfer.

How to Transfer Files Using Android File Transfer

  • Install the software on your Mac
  • Open the tool and use a USB cable to connect your Samsung to Mac
  • Double Click the app and search for files you want to send to Mac
  • Copy the files and paste them on Mac

Android File Transfer is easy to use and safe to use when transferring data. However, you can only send a maximum of 4GB at once.

3. Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer file from Samsung to Mac using Samsung Smart Switch. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

Smart Switch is the official tool for users to transfer files from a Samsung phone to devices of different operating systems. With this tool, you can send videos, music, photos, contacts, and other data using it.

The tool supports macOS 10.6 and above. Furthermore, your Mac should have a RAM space of more than 1 GB.

However, this tool might be slow when sending large files. Go to Samsung Smart Switch to download this software.

4. Dukto R6

No matter the OS, Dukto R6 facilitates the fast and secure transfer of files. Therefore, consider it when you want to transfer data to Mac from Samsung.

For you to use Dukto R6, the devices need to connect to a similar wi-fi network or a Local Area Network. Once you are in the same system connection, select Send some Files.

NB: Install Dukto R6 on both devices.

5. Handshaker

Another easy way to send files between two devices with a different operating system is by using Handshaker.

When using this software, there is no need to connect your Samsung to Mac using a USB cable because it allows the wireless connection.

Go to Mac Store and download Handshaker and start sending files from your Samsung phone to Mac.

Handshaker apk

6. SyncMate 8

Other than syncing files between two devices, SyncMate 8 is one way to send data between Samsung and Mac.

Download this tool from Sync-Mac and install it on your macOS device.

When the installation process is done, open the app and connect the Samsung device to Mac.

To transfer files, click on Add New to add the Samsung device.

Then click the Summary Tab and select Mount Disk.

When you are done open Finder and access files on your Samsung device, now select the files you want to transfer.

Complete the process, and you will be done transferring data from Samsung to Mac using SyncMate 8.

Other Tools to Use

These are not the only tools you can use when you want to transfer files from Samsung to macOS.

There are others which consist of;

  • MacDroid
  • Commander One
  • AirDroid
  • Droid NAS

Final Take

Transfer of files from Samsung to Mac is not a one-day thing. You will need to perform this process more often. So, pick a tool that will help you send files fast and secure. Do more research about the software before you download and install it.

A lot of Android users rely on Mac as their primary computer. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to have best android file transfer app or software that can help you transfer files between your Android smartphone and Mac. Given that Apple doesn’t offer a software by default to do this, users have long had to rely on third-party solutions for safe and secure file transfer between a Mac and an Android device.

Google has had the Android File Transfer app for Mac that helps you easily transfer files (or even drag and drop) onto your Android phone or tablet. However, this is not suitable for every purpose. Despite its feature set, Android Device Manager does have some limitations.

This is where other offerings come into the mix. Given that there are quite a lot of these apps now, we decided to compile a list of the five best Android file transfer software for Mac in 2020. So without waiting any further, let’s get right to it.

A word on Mac

It’s worth noting that, even though Android has improved substantially over the years — and so has macOS — you still cannot just download files by plugging in your USB or USB-C cable. You have to download what is essentially the “compatibility” app Google has made for macOS, Android File Transfer. Once you download that — for free — you should be able to transfer files as freely as you’d like.

That said, Android File Transfer is also still the best file transfer software that you can pick up for Mac. There are plenty of others that add more features, but truly, all you need is Android File Transfer from Google, which we’ll talk about here:

Best Android File Transfer Software for Mac

1) Android File Transfer

This service has been around for quite a while now. Google has refined the app over the years to maintain compatibility with newer macOS versions. It’s a pretty basic solution to something that concerns so many users. Android File Transfer allows you to seamlessly access your Android smartphone or tablet through a macOS computer. It allows you to transfer or view photos, videos, contacts and more in no time.

It works over a USB connection, so it’s imperative to have a wired connection with your Mac for this feature to work. As we said, it’s not the best solution out there, but it works out pretty well for a lot of users. Sure, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other apps, though it gets the job done pretty decently. Android File Transfer is available from Google’s site (link above), and is free.

Download it now: here

2) SyncMate

This is an elaborate software for your macOS computer that can connect to several other devices in addition to your Android smartphone or tablet. Further, it allows you to connect your Android device as a separate hard drive, allowing seamless file transfer between your Mac and Android device. You can also mount your Android smartphone as a separate disk on your Mac, giving you the freedom to quickly transfer files between folders. What makes SyncMate really stand out is the fact that it can also sync music, contacts, and even folders without any effort from the user.

Pretty much like an iPhone, SyncMate can automatically sync predetermined folders in no time. It can also sync apps between your Mac and Android devices, which is an appealing feature to have on a Mac software. It’s an extremely functional app and has to be high up on your list if you’re seeking to stick to a handy solution. The company offers a free edition that anybody can try out and then move on to the paid of “Expert” version if they like the product.

Download it now: here

3) Handshaker

This is an app that doesn’t require a separate download link as it can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store. It’s perhaps the best alternative to third-party Android file transfer apps as it has been approved by Apple for this very purpose. Keeping this in mind, it has to be on top of every Mac/Android user’s list. As far as the features are concerned, it’s fairly easy to pair with an Android smartphone or tablet. The app supports drag and drop of files between the Mac and the Android device.

Handshaker Apk


Although the app initially required a wired connection for file transfer, it now supports wireless file transfer as well with impressive speeds. The best part here is that the app also lets you access your phone’s microSD card storage and transfer files conveniently. What makes this app my favorite is the fact that it’s completely free to download on the Mac App Store. Be sure to check it out.

Download it now: here

4) AnyTrans for Android

This particular software is pretty similar to SyncMate, in that it offers a comprehensive device syncing solution between a Mac and Android smartphone/tablet. It supports all the versions of Android, so you’re well covered even if you own a slightly older Android device. This particular offering is fully capable of syncing photos, music, videos, and even apps through .apk files. The app uses a secure protocol to setup a connection between the Mac and the Android device to protect the safety of your files.

If there’s one downside, it’s the fact that AnyTrans can take a while sometimes to recognize your device. This can be annoying especially if you’re in a hurry. But to make up for this, remember that AnyTrans can also help you download music videos online at no cost. iPhone users have been using AnyTrans as a viable iTunes alternative to sync music and photos, so it’s only fair that the folks at AnyTrans have a version for Android users as well.

Download it now: here

5) Cloud Services

This is a bit of an odd choice but hear us out. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive have allowed seamless syncing between desktops and Android devices for quite some time. Keeping this in mind, it’s not a bad idea to install a Google Drive or Dropbox plugin on your macOS computer and copying the files there to access it immediately on your Android smartphone and vice versa. This can, however, take some time and is highly dependent on the kind of internet connectivity you have, so it might not be for everyone.

But if the internet speed is not a concern, this simple option can come in handy to every user. It’s also important to remember that Cloud services offer a certain amount of free storage to some users. Keeping this in mind, this is perhaps one of the cheapest and most effective modes of file transfer between a Mac and an Android device, although the speed remains a concern for some users.

Download it now: here

Verdict on the best android file transfer app

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent applications that you can use to seamlessly transfer files from Android to Mac. The nice thing about applications like these is that they allow you to quickly and easily move files from Android to Mac, and from Mac to Android.

Do you have a favorite way that you transfer files from Android to Mac, and the other way around? Let us know in the comments section below!

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