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Java 3DTM 1.5.2 Release

This software is licensed by Sun, as specified in theLICENSE-Java3D-v1_5_2.txtfile. You must only use this software in accordance with the termsunder which the code is licensed.

Instructions for Installing Java 3D 1.5.2

On your computer, locate and open (double-click) the Java for Mac installer (jre-7u9-macosx-x64.dmg). A Finder window will open and display the contents of the installer. Double-click the JavaForMacOSX10.7.pkg file and follow the wizard’s prompts to install the program on your computer. Download Java Runtime Environment 32-bit 8-build-251 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software!

The 1.5.2 version of the Java 3DTMAPI runs on JDK version1.5.0 and higher. It has been released for the Windows, Linux,Solaris, and Mac OS X operating environments. See thereleasenotes for more information.

Preferred method

Developers who wish to develop an application using the Java 3D APIare encouraged to download the j3d-1_5_2-XXX.zip file fortheir platform, and manually install the necessary files into adirectory on their local disk. To do this, unzip the downloaded file,and follow the instructions in the unzipped README.txt file.

Alternative method

Alternatively, you can run the installer as shown below, keeping inmind that it is not recommended to install the j3d jar files andnative libraries directly into the JRE.


To install the Java 3D API on Windows, download the binaryinstaller and then execute it, by double-clicking on thej3d-1_5_2-windows-i586.exe (or j3d-1_5_2-windows-amd64.exe)icon.

Linux or Solaris

To install the Java 3D API on Linux or Solaris, download theself-extracting binary file, chdir to the desired directory, and thenexecute it. For example, on a 32-bit Linux system:

    cd /myhome/j3d
    sh /path-to-download-files/j3d-1_5_2-linux-i586.bin

After doing this, you will need to modify your CLASSPATHenvironment variable to include the full paths to j3dcore.jar,j3dutils.jar, and vecmath.jar. For example:

    export CLASSPATH='.:/myhome/j3d/lib/ext/j3dcore.jar:/myhome/j3d/lib/ext/j3dutils.jar:/myhome/j3d/lib/ext/vecmath.jar

Then modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to contain thefull path to the 'lib/ARCH' directory. For example, on 32-bit Linux:

Uninstall java mac os x

Download Java 32 Bit Mac Os X64

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/myhome/j3d/lib/i386

Mac OS X

Java For Mac Os X

No installer is available for the Mac OS X operating environment.You will need to download the j3d-1_5_2-macosx.zip file, unzip it,and follow the instructions in the unzipped README.txt file.