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John the Ripper is a fast password cracker intended primarily for use by systems administrators to detect and eliminate weak user passwords of Unix-like and Windows systems. John the Ripper Pro for Mac OS X features a native package (dmg), universal binary, support for SSE2 and AltiVec acceleration (on Intel and PowerPC, respectively), a large. How To Install JTR on a Mac. John The Ripper is a cracking password program, also known as JTR or john. John The Ripper is not for the beginner, and does NOT crack WPA (alone) (by itself) (solely). You must be able to use Terminal, there is no GUI. John the ripper free download - John the Ripper Pro, NMP3 Ripper, 4Media DVD Ripper Ultimate SE, and many more programs. This Pre-compiled install is not the best per se, by default John The Ripper is 'Single Core'on this version, and does not always includes the latest patches. See the benchmark at the end for other build: 32bit Vs 64bit. How to install John The Ripper on a Mac, Pre-compiled version Update #1.

John the Ripperis a fast password cracker, available for many operating systems.Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords,although Windows LM hashesand a number of other password hash types are supported as well.John the Ripper is free and Open Source software,distributed primarily in source code form.

John the Ripper Pro builds upon the free John the Ripper to delivera commercial product better tailored for specific operating systems.It is distributed primarily in the form of 'native' packages forthe target operating systems.

Hash Suite - Windows password security audit tool. GUI, reports in PDF.

John the Ripper Pro isavailable for a number of operating systems.This web page describes the Mac OS X revision of John the Ripper Pro.

On Mac OS X, the features currently specific to Pro versions are:

  • Pre-built and well-tested native package (dmg),which may be installed the usual way - no need to compile
  • Universal binary that will run optimally on current 64-bit Intel Macs making use of SSE2 acceleration,but will also run on older Macs
  • A large multilingual wordlist optimized specificallyfor use with John the Ripper (4,106,923 entries, 43 MB uncompressed)is included in the package,and John the Ripper is pre-configured for its use
  • XPWDUMP tool, which dumps password hashes from Mac OS X systemsfor subsequent auditing/cracking
  • The included documentation is revised to be specificfor the given package on Mac OS X rather than generic,making it easier to understand
  • As a bonus, the full source code is also provided

The links below allow you to pay online with a variety of payment methods, or to choose to pay offline.

  • John the Ripper Pro for Mac OS X with upgrades and support -$185.00
    site-wide or consultant license (at your option),
    dmg package (13 MB),free upgrades to further 1.x Pro releases for Mac OS X,
    1 year of e-mail support on JtR Pro and JtR jumbo (up to 2 hours)
  • John the Ripper Pro for Mac OS X with upgrades - $89.95
    site-wide or consultant license (at your option),
    dmg package (13 MB),free upgrades to further 1.x Pro releases for Mac OS X,
    installation support by e-mail within the first 30 days (up to 1 hour)
  • John the Ripper Pro for Mac OS X introductory offer - $39.95
    site-wide or consultant license (at your option),
    dmg package (13 MB),
    installation support by e-mail within the first 30 days (up to 1 hour)

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Low price guarantee:our prices on this product are the lowest you can find.If you find a better price on a commercial productwith at least the same functionality, for the same operating system,with upgrades and support similar to those included with your purchase,and if you inform us within 30 days of your purchase,we will gladly refund the price difference.Shop with confidence!

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The following password hash types are currently supported(and more are planned):

  • Traditional DES-based Unix crypt(3) -most commercial Unix systems (Solaris, AIX, ...),Mac OS X 10.2, ancient Linux and *BSD
  • 'bigcrypt' - HP-UX, Tru64 / Digital Unix / OSF/1
  • BSDI-style extended DES-based crypt(3) - BSD/OS, *BSD (non-default)
  • FreeBSD-style MD5-based crypt(3)- older Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Cisco IOS, OpenBSD (non-default)
  • OpenBSD-style Blowfish-based crypt(3)- OpenBSD, some Linux, other *BSD and Solaris 10+ (non-default)
  • Kerberos AFS DES-based hashes
  • LM (LanMan) DES-based hashes -Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, Mac OS X 10.3
  • NTLM MD4-based hashes -Windows (all versions)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.6 salted SHA-1 hashes

You may browse the generic documentation for John the Ripper online.Also relevant is ourpresentation on the history of password security.


MacTheRipper 2.6.6 is the real free DVD ripping software that works on Mac and copy DVDs easily. If you're still running Snow Leopard, you should definitely get it. No need to try any other DVD ripper for Mac. However, it doesn't works on Mac OS X newer than Snow Leopard. MacTheRipper 4 is the current version, but it has changed to 'payware'. I don't call it shareware because you can't it, you pay it and get a regsitration code. See the process to buy MacTheRipper 4.

MacTheRipper 2.6.6 Interface

You're able to download MacTheRipper 2.6.6 from many sites. It's distributed for totally free. MacUpdate also provides a link to download it. After installing, you'll see the inteface as below:

MacTheRipper 2.6.6 Main Interface

MacTheRipper 2.6.6 Ripping Complete

Where to Buy MacTheRipper 2.6.6?

No need to buy MacTheRipper 2.6.6. It's completely to use without any hassle.

How to Use MacTheRipper 2.6.6

It's damn easy to use MacTheRipper 2.6.6 to rip DVD to DVD files on Mac. Simply insert your DVD disc to the drive, run MacTheRipper, make necessary settings and you're ready to go. Also refer to the user guide of MacTheRipper 4 here. The steps are very similar.

System Requirements of MacTheRipper 2.6.6

Below are the system requirements for MacTheRipper 2.6.6. Check out whether you can run it on your Mac.

Operating System (OS): 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Hardware: a DVD burner and 15GB of drive space for saving DVD.

Note: MacTheRipper 2.6.6 is not fully compatible with Mountain Lion and Lion, getting MacTheRipper Mountain Lion alternative is a goo idea.

Download John The Ripper For Mac Free

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