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With Sidify Music Converter for Spotify (Mac), you can download Spotify songs, playlist, or podcast to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV format in lossless quality on Mac. A Powerful Mac Music Converter for Spotify. Convert Spotify songs, playlist, podcast to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV. Convert local audio files to MP3/M4A/AAC/WAV/OGG. Download Spotify music with 100% original quality kept. Preserve & edit ID3 Tags after conversion. Fully support macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Spotify is one of the best streaming music services, which provides listeners with high music quality and a large music library. With Spotify app, Spotify Free users can enjoy Spotify music with limited features while Spotify Premium users are accessible to the full features of Spotify. However, neither Spotify Free nor Spotify Premium can get the Spotify music fully downloaded and saved as MP3. In this post, we are going to share you with the best Spotify Music Downloader called TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download music from Spotify to MP3 for free with step by step tutorials below. Let's take a look at the main features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter first.

  1. IMusic - Best Spotify Alternative to Download Spotify Songs to Mac Easily Download music/playlist from more than 3000 video websites including Spotify. Record Spotify music with 100% original quality. Transfer Spotify music downloaded from Spotify to Mac/PC with simple clicks.
  2. How to download DRM-free Spotify Music on Mac? Read in different languages: With Spotify Premium, you can listen to Spotify music without an internet connection and save your mobile data by downloading up to 3,333 songs per device, on a maximum of 3 different devices.
  3. Sep 24, 2020 Download the playlist with your local files. Make sure: You're logged in to the same account on both your desktop and mobile; Your devices are connected to the same WiFi network; The app is up-to-date on both devices; Your device is up-to-date; The Spotify app has access to your local network. Check in your iPhone/iPad settings.

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Part 1. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter: Best Spotify Music Downloader

Since all the songs in Spotify are protected by DRM, a kind of technology used to protect digital encryption, users will fail to copy, transfer or edit the songs freely. That results in the inconvenience of enjoying Spotify, that is, Spotify's DRM-ed OGG Vorbis songs cannot be downloaded freely to MP3. As a result, you need to remove the DRM from Spotify songs firstly. And TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can do you a great favor.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter enables users to remove DRM from Spotify songs and download Spotify in MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC for free with 100% lossless quality at the same time. Besides, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can preserve the music information of the song such as the ID3 tags and metadata. Most importantly, with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, users can enjoy the faster conversion speed, reaching up to 5X. More features you will get by clicking the link below to enjoy more.

Now, let's take a look at how it works on downloading Spotify Music without Premium.

Part 2. How to Download Music from Spotify to MP3 for Free

Step 1. Download and Open TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Click to the button above to fully download the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter for a free trial. When the whole downloading is finished, click to install it. Follow the whole instructions, then you can get the Spotify Music Converter installed on your PC/Mac. Then run it.

Step 2. Add Spotify Music to Get Ready to Download Spotify with 2 Methods

Click to 'Add Files' and then use the following 2 ways to add Spotify music to get ready to download the songs.

#1 Copy and Paste Method:

Pick up a song from Spotify, right-click the song and choose 'Share' and then 'Copy Song Link' to copy the Spotify music. And then move to search bar of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to paste the link of the song via clicking to '+' button. You can also choose an album (artist, playlist, or so) and copy the link. Every link from Spotify is accessible for downloading.


#1 If you are going to download songs from Spotify Web Player, you just need to copy the song link on the website.

#2 You can only add ONE link each time.

#2 Drag and Drop Method

You can go to the main interface of Spotify, drag the songs from Spotify and then drop the songs to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

When the whole adding music process is finished, please check all the music carefully and then click the 'Add' button to complete the whole adding music process.

Step 3. Pick Up the Output Formats and the Output Folder

Go to 'Options' > 'Advanced', and choose the output format(MP3, M4A,WAV, FLAC). Also, you are optional to change the sample rate(reach up to 44100hz) and bitrate(highest 320kbps) before conversion.

Move to 'General', next to 'Advanced', you can self adjust the output folder. If you don't make any change, then all the converted songs will be kept in the default folder.

Download Music From Spotify To Mp3 Mac

Download music from spotify to mp3 free

Step 4. Click to Convert to Download Spotify Songs for Free

When all the settings have completed, click 'Convert' then you can manage to download songs from Spotify. Now you can just wait for the conversion done and then you can enjoy the music at any time. It will take a few minutes to convert the songs.

After finish converting, you can check and get the converted files through 'History'. Go to the folder, copy and paste them to your disk or the other devices. Now you can enjoy downloading Spotify MP3 songs for free.


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Now it is your turn to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums for free by saving much time and with higher output quality. If you have any problem with enjoying Spotify music, please leave a comment or contact us. Found it also helpful for your friends? Go ahead and share this post with your friends now.

Q: 'Hello, I'd like to download Spotify songs on Mac for free. And I have always been the free subscriber on Spotify. However, there isn't the option to download the music for Spotify free users at all. How should I download Spotify Mac free as I've got my new Mac and Spotify ready? Any help will be appreciated.'

Actually, the question is common. Everyone knows that Spotify is available for almost all the computers in different operating system. With millions of songs offered for free listening, Spotify is definitely popular and has a large amount of users. While you will encounter the question like we mentioned above when you would like to download Spotify Mac free since Spotify only allows you to download music from Spotify Premium with some cost, instead of Spotify free. Fortunately, there are helpful solutions to download music from Spotify Mac free.

Part 1: Introduce Spotify

As everyone knows, Spotify is a popular music streaming platform with over 40 million songs for music lovers to listen to. Available for 78 regions all over the world as well as for most modern devices, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, iOS, Windows Phone and Android smartphones and tablets, and so on, it had 191 million monthly active users, including 87 million paying subscribers as of November 2018. How popular it is!

Generally, three types of subscription is offered for Spotify users, including Spotify Free, Spotify Premium ($9.99 per month) and Spotify Family ($14.99 per month). Spotify Free users have access to listen to Spotify music for free with some ads, and only Premium subscriber can listen Spotify music offline. Moreover, due to DRM restriction, both Spotify Free users and Spotify Premium subscribers are confined to listen to Spotify with Spotify App. Thus, when you are intended to free download songs from Spotify Mac, you may meet some problems. Solutions offered here will guide you to completely download Spotify music to Mac for free.

Part 2: Prof. DRM for Mac to download Spotify songs for free

The first solution to download from Spotify Mac is to use the third-party downloader. Since most of third-party downloader may be just simply recording tool with limited output audio quality and recording speed, after continuous attempt of different downloader software, Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac would be claimed the best and strongly recommended.

This is professional and powerful Spotify music downloader Mac users can be skillfully used, which is also called Spotify music converter for Mac that allows to get rid of the restriction and convert Spotify music to the common DRM-free formats, including MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC and so on for playing Spotify music freely on different music players offline. What's more, Prof. DRM Spotify Converter for Mac can not only keep 100% quality of the original music, but also allow to adjust audio channel, bit rate, sample rate, for a better music quality output. And the guide of how to download Spotify songs on Mac will be introduced in detail and help you download Spotify music free on Mac.

Note: After you download Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac and install it, you should make sure that Spotify has been launched and the music smoothly played before you start Prof. DRM for Mac.

Step 1: Import Spotify music to Prof. DRM for Mac

On the Home panel, click the Spotify icon to enter the Spotify converting interface. Then you can import Spotify songs by either dragging albums or playlist at one time or dragging and dropping a song one by one to the program.

If you are using Spotify web rather than Spotify app, you can also click 'Add files' and then copy and past the URL of the song to the pop up dialogue to import the music file to the program.

Step 2: Set parameters for the output files

Click the Edit icon to enter a new panel where you can freely choose the output format and set appropriate sample rate, bit rate, audio channel for the output file. And you can choose 'Apply to All' or 'Apply to current'.

Step 3: Save the output music file

At the bottom of the interface, you can select an output path to save the converted music files in Output box.

Step 4: Remove DRM and download imported files

Click the blue button “Convert” at bottom corner of the interface to start removing DRM on Spotify songs and save them in common format. And you can immediately check the converted and downloaded songs on “Converted” panel.

This program works fast and you can complete the DRM removal and get the DRM free Spotify music in a very short time. Obviously, it could be a high-efficiency and easy-to-use downloader for Spotify for Mac download. Except for this solution, there are also some amazing music recorders designed for recording music from online audio, which can help you download Spotify Mac. And Leawo Music Recorder would be one of the best we have used and identified as the most useful.

Part 3: How to use Leawo Music Recorder for Mac to download Spotify music

Talking about the popular audio recording software, Leawo Music Recorder is the most amazing and easy-to-use music recording software program which helps you record music or record audio for free on Mac from the built-in audio, computer audio and online music sources like YouTube, Spotify, AOL Music, Last.fm, etc., and more powerfully as music downloader, save the music or audio into MP3, WAV and W4A audio files with lossless quality. Besides, this smart music recorder could adjust the output audio Bit Rate and Sample Rate for better enjoyment. This Mac Music recorder also enables you to trim a music fileor preset a time gap for recording so that it could automatically ignore unnecessary recordings and avoid ads. Definitely, it can be used as great Spotify downloader Mac to record Spotify music and save it for offline entertainment.

For Spotify download Mac, you can download and install Leawo Music Recorder for Mac on your Mac computer and follow the guide of how to record music on Mac here:

Step 1: Select the audio source

Launch Leawo Music Recorder for Mac to enter the main interface, and then click the 'Audio Source' icon to choose the source of the music you are going to record from. If you are going to record Spotify music, you could choose 'Record Computer audio'.

Note: you can click the 'Recording task scheduler' to set the recording Start time and Duration of the music to make sure that you record is the right music.

Step 2: Set output format for the music recording

Figure out the proper music format that your recordings should be saved. You could go to General Preferences and click 'Format' to enter the format setting panel where you could select the output format including MP3, M4A and WAV and adjust the audio settings of Audio Codec, Bit Rate and Sample Rate.

Step 3: Start recording Spotify music

Return to the main interface and start recording Spotify music by clicking the red 'Start' button. Then you start to play the Spotify music you are willing to download to Mac.

Step 4: Edit the tag of the recorded Music

Leawo Music Recorder for Mac would automatically download the Spotify music you recorded and add music tags for it. Thus the recorded Spotify songs will be clear with the artist, name, album artwork, album, etc. If necessary, you could also go to the Library and All Recordings to edit the music tags manually as you like.

Now you can find your downloaded Spotify songs on Mac for free in the default directory if you don't change it and enjoy the songs with any players compatible with the recorded format. Otherwise, you can also set the output directory before the recording on General panel.

Spotify How To Download Music

All in all, the two solutions mentioned here can help you for Spotify download music free Mac in completely different ways without any quality loss or any complicated operation. Leawo Prof. DRM for Mac is Spotify free music downloader that can remove DRM and get Spotify music downloaded for offline enjoyment without buying Spotify subscriptions. While Leawo Music Recorder for Mac is an excellent music recording program that can record any music, including Spotify of course, and save as common music files. In this way, there is no need to be a premium subscriber as well. Only if you can play the music of Spotify, you can record it and download from Spotify Mac for offline listening at anytime and on any music player. All you should do to enjoy Spotify music songs on Mac free is to be an expert by following the guide in this post on how to download music from Spotify Mac and feel free to try.