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Download Music To Mac From Youtube


Download YouTube videos and playlist by one-click and extract YouTube to MP3 directly. Best YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows/Mac to convert YouTube to MP3 with 30X faster conversion speed than any conventional converters. We set out to find the best, secure and reliable sources for you to download your favorite music and audio from YouTube. For this research, we used a 2011 Mac Mini, operating on macOS High Sierra 10.13 and we compiled that list for you in this article.

  1. Download Youtube For Mac Free
  2. Free Music For Mac
  3. Download Music From Youtube To Mac Itunes
  4. Download Youtube Music To Pc

Download Youtube For Mac Free

To catch up with a video on YouTube is something that every user in a million across the globe is doing right now, right at this very moment, no matter where they are. Isn’t that really mind-boggling? The ensnaring response of our brain to calm down itself on watching videos is not something uncommon to be seen. Whether at work or not at work, taking a glimpse of what is up there on the home page of the website has become kind of an addiction nowadays.

But it’s not possible for users to have a steady network always. So it would be better for them to download videos from YouTube to Mac for later. But often who are new with YouTube sneak –peak find it hard to find a way to download videos from YouTube as there are no direct feature or provision from the site to do so. You need to have certain tools and applications on your system, whether on computer or on mobile. So long as they are not installed on your system, it will be difficult for you find a way to download the videos directly from the YouTube website on Mac OS X.

Method #1: Download YouTube Videos to Mac using VDYoutube

VDYoutube is an online video downloading service which is basically used to download videos directly from online websites. Here we would use it to download videos from YouTube. The method is explained clearly in steps below:

Step 1. Go to the website of YouTube. On the search bar, type the video you want to download.

Step 2. Once the video page appears, go to the URL address bar, and add “vd” before the “YouTube” portion of the video’s URL and hit “Enter”.

Step 3. You will be directed to the website you just changed in the address bar.


Step 4. Now click on “Download” option which will open up a drop down menu with different options for download quality. Choose any option as per your requirement.


Step 5. After choosing any of the listed options, your downloading will be started. You may need to click “Save” before your download begins to save it in any particular folder.

WARNING: Do not choose any video quality which has “x” next to the speaker icon.

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Method #2: Download YouTube Videos to Mac using ClipGrab Tool

ClipGrab is a 100% free and easy video downloader available on internet market which is used for downloading videos from various websites. The tool is available for Windows, Mac, Linux also. We would make use of it to download videos from YouTube. Continue reading to know the method which is explained as follows:

Step 1. Firstly you need to download and install the ClipGrab tool. Click on the link to do so :

Free Music For Mac

Step 2. Launch the program after installing it properly and copy the video URL link from the YouTube website.


Step 3. Now on the tool interface screen go to the “Downloads” tab, and insert the copied link into the input field. The tool will automatically collect all the necessary information regarding the video.

Step 4. Select the video format and quality from the “Format” and “Quality” box.

Step 5. After you have chosen everything as mentioned, click on “Grab this clip!” button. You would be asked to give a name for the video file. Once you give it, your downloading will be started just in a moment.

Method #3: Download YouTube Videos on Mac using VLC

VLC media player for Mac is one the popular media players available across internet. but actually it is not one-trick pony. There is a huge number of features underlying its surface which you might have been completely unaware of till now. For instance it can be used to download videos in addition to playing them. Continue reading to know the method in full scale:

Step 1. Select a video on Youtube and copy the video URL from the website address bar. Open VLC and go to “Media> Open Network Stream”.

Step 2. Paste the copied link in the box and click “Open”.

Step 3. Now,go to your VLC plalist, you will see your video listed in the program, just click to choose Media Information.

Step 4. A windows will pop up, just copy and paste the location URL into your browser’s URL bar.

Step 6. Go back to the YouTube website and paste the link in the address bar. This will automatically open the source file directory on YouTube’s server.

Step 7. Now right-click on the playing video and choose “Save Video as” from the context menu to initiate the download process.


It is quite a cumbersome to always go online and watch the videos directly from the YouTube website. Thus it is better to download them onto Mac so that you can lavishly enjoy the video afterwards with no interruption of buffering or loading issues. The most viable way to do that is to third-party tools and web services which are genuinely explained above in the article. All that you have to do is to follow the guideline step by step to download YouTube videos to Mac OS X.

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For many music lovers, they often go to YouTube for watching music videos, if they don’t want to miss the latest album or be out of date. Sometimes, they directly downloaded the YouTube music videos on computer’s hard disc, so that they can watch them offline, over and over again. After all, there are so many YouTube video download programs on the Internet.

In fact, all they want is only the audio track of a YouTube video, is it necessary to download a whole video, which is in larger size than audio? So, the real smart action is looking for a way to extract audio from YouTube video. Now, a lot of such online web-based service and desktop software can be searched from the web. Personally, I prefer to the following YouTube audio extractors.

Tools to help extracting audio from Youtube video

Apowesoft Free Online Audio Converter

If you have downloaded YouTube videos on your computer, Apwoersoft Free Online Audio Converter will be the most appropriate for you, because it’s designed for extracting audio from downloaded video files for Windows and Mac. That is to say, it’s an online YouTube audio extractor. Another feature is that it’s totally free, so you can use it as you want.

You can watch the steps in this video:

Download Music From Youtube To Mac Itunes

Even if you are not good at computer, you can still do that effortlessly, as this online tool will guide you on each step. Or more precisely, there are only three steps for you, just load video file in, customize output settings and click Convert button. Before it starts to extract sound from YouTube online, you should be alert at choosing the output audio format. It includes MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, RA, AAC and FLAC.

Apowersoft YouTube to Mp3

The second tool I’d like to suggest is a program called Apowersoft YouTube to Mp3. Judging from its name, we may know that it is capable of extracting audio from YouTube videos. Indeed so, it supports to extract audio from both local and online YouTube videos, and works well on both Windows and Mac. Of course, except MP3, it can save YouTube audio into other formats, like .wma, .wav, .ogg, .aac, .flac, .m4a and .ac3.

Using this YouTube audio extractor, you can rip audio from YouTube straightforwardly, instead of downloading video on computer first. Just copy and paste video URL into the link bar and click Start button, pretty easy. What if you have a bunch of YouTube videos to extract? Don’t worry, it can process several tasks at one time. After that, you may transfer those audio files into portable devices, like MP3 media player, cell phone or else.

Alternatively Free YouTube Audio Extractor – Video to MP3

It can be said that Video to MP3 is a combination of the two tools mentioned above, as it is a free online web-app to extract audio from YouTube video and local video files on your Windows or Mac. Equipped with this advanced feature, it can also help users extract audio from other online videos, like Metacafe and Dailymotion, and save it into popular audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, RA and FLAC.

Download Youtube Music To Pc

To extract audio from YouTube free, all you need to do is copy and paste valid video link address into the download bar, simple for all. Okay, I have presented both online and free YouTube audio extractor for you. Of course, there are many other options out there, so you can explore your way to rip audio off YouTube videos.

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