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FULL-DISKfighter Mac contains 5 powerful tools for keeping your Mac optimized and free of junk. See what is taking up valuable space on your hard drive, find annoying duplicate files, delete unwanted language files and find large unneeded files. The Best Free Spam Filters app downloads for Mac: Eudora to SpamCop Spamnix BoxSweeper JunkIt Purify Messagefire Personal Edition MPP for Xserve Email. Anti spam free download - AVG AntiVirus for Mac, eScan Anti Virus Security, Virus Definitions for Norton AntiVirus 9.0/10.0/11.0 (PowerPC/Intel), and many more programs. We show you how to stop spam and junk mail from getting into your inbox by using Mac Mail's own built-in filtering system, plus how to avoid being tricked into giving away your financial information. SPAMfighter provides one of the best spam filtering software solutions for your.


One fine day you take out time from your busy schedule to delete all the spam emails yet the next morning when you check your inbox, you are bombarded with a lot of spams. And mind it, this lot is a huge number. Most of us have faced this frustrating situation at some time or the other. Isn’t it?

We subscribe to newsletters unknowingly without giving a thought whether we would actually need them in later days or not, and hence spam emails keep adding up with each passing day. Not just this, malicious emails including deadly virus and malware infection keep filling our inboxes without our consent which are definitely hazardous.

Not only do these emails fill up the inbox, when opened there is a high probability of infections spreading on your computer.

To avoid all the hassle and time required in deleting spam emails from your inbox, and to keep it free from any kind of infections, there are many email spam filters available. This article lists the same. Continue reading to find some of the best free email spam filters for Windows.

List of Best Email Spam Filters for Windows:

Confused as to which one to install, read the article and decide which one suits best as your requirements.

1. SPAMfighter

Get rid of spam email in a jiffy. Partnered with Microsoft, SPAMfighter is one of the best email spam filters. If you are using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Windows live mail, SPAMfigther seems the best option available.

It comes with an intuitive User Interface that provides ease of access.


  • Comes with advanced technology to block spam.
  • Safeguard email accounts on your Windows computer.
  • Provide enhanced protection against identity theft, phishing, and other online email deceptions.
  • It’s free for home users.
  • One-click spam abuse report.
  • Multi-lingual utility.
  • Requires a minimum of 128MB of memory.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 & Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit).

Best mac anti malware

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2. MailWasher

An easy yet effective way to block illegitimate spam emails even before they enter your PC. With a database of almost 8 million users, MailWasher comes with an advanced spam blocking engine that does not let spam mails enter your system.

MailWasher is a free tool that easily works with Outlook, Yahoo, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, EM Client.


  • Compatible with all email clients and email programs.
  • Easy to use and customizable UI.
  • Works on both Windows and mobiles.
  • Doesn’t let spam enter your PC.
  • Preview facility before download.
  • Bayesian spam filtering available.
  • Automatic updates are available.
  • Real-time spam filtering.
  • Protection against phishing, unwanted emails, spams, email viruses, newsletters.


Operating System: Windows 7, 8 and 10, Vista and XP.

3. Spamihilator

Free Anti Spam Software For Mac

This is yet another awesome email spam filter software to keep your inbox spam free. It claims to remove 98% of spam emails even before they enter your PC. Spamihilator effectively works between the Internet and your Email client and achieves this by carefully examining every email.

Spamihilator is easily compatible with almost every email client like Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail etc.


Best mac anti malware
  • Uses multiple filters for highest spam recognition rate.
  • Makes use of Bayesian Filter.
  • Comes with spam word filters.
  • Presence of other filters like Link Filter, DCC Filter and, Rule Filter makes the engine more accurate.
  • Plugins for more added filters and features.
  • Compatible with email clients working on both IMAP and POP3.
  • Free for use.
  • Automatic updates.


Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8.

4. SpamExperts

Easily stay protected from spams, phishing emails, virus infections, ransomware, malware attacks with this amazing utility. Our list of best free Email spam filter for Windows 2018 is incomplete without SpamExperts.

It comes with self-learning smart technology that deletes spam emails before they enter your inbox. SaaS email filtering systems and first level filters block the incoming spam emails thereby effectively eliminates the time involved in deleting the spam emails.


  • Advanced filter quality and efficiency provide almost a leading rate of 100% and 0% false positives.
  • Real-time synchronization and updated filters.
  • Compatible with almost every email client like Exchange mail filter, Zimbra mail, Postfix mail filter, Direct Admin, ISPsystem and Open-Xchange etc.
  • Quarantine options to easily check mail status.
  • Easy to use and fully automated user interface to provide ease of access.
  • Secure data collection and analysis for enhanced performance.
  • 24×7 monitoring.
  • Live spam information.

Free Anti Spam Software For Macs

5. SpamBully

An efficient anti-spam tool that avoids any kind of spam emails entering your Windows PC. It uses Artificial Intelligence and server blacklists to ensure that your inbox is free from any kind of illegitimate, spam and phishing emails.

Its effective engine easily and effectively detects and deletes any kind of fraudulent links present in the emails.

It works with email clients like Office 365, Outlook, Outlook Express, Live mail etc.

Best Free Anti Spam Software


  • Advanced search engine that allows you to choose which email should land to your inbox.
  • Graphical representation of statics to make the working of the utility more convenient.
  • Easy mobile forwarding facility.
  • Real-time blackhole lists for internet domains that send massive spam emails and easily filters them.
  • Auto-delete spam emails.

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While phishing and spam emails, emails with illegitimate links, fraudulent emails containing virus infections pose serious threats to your System, deleting them manually will take a lifetime.

To safeguard your inbox from any kind of unwanted emails and efficiently manage your inbox, having an effective email spam filter is a must. We have tried our best to provide you an idea of all the latest and most used email spam filters for Windows.

Best Mac Anti Malware

Download one from the list of 5 best email spam filters for Windows and keep your inbox spam free.

Anti Spam Software Free

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