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Free Audio And Video Recording Software For Mac


Onlinecontent creation is becoming more prominent thanks to the power of the internetand the relevance of digital social media. Videos and podcasts are seeing massivegrowth and saturation, both of which require exceptional audio quality. Inorder for your content to come out on top, the right tools are required butsometimes a free alternative is necessary to get started. In this article, we will be going over4 free audio recording software programs for Mac computers exclusively. The only timeyou would have to spend money on these would be if you chose to makein-software purchases or if you decided to upgrade to the full version. Thebest part about these audio recording software programs is how easy they areto use so beginner level content creators won't become overwhelmed. Let's getinto it:

Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac

Picture a world where audio recording software not only records your voice, but can record audio from any website, video, or music streaming service on the internet. Our list starts strong with one of the most versatile audio recording software programs out there for Mac owners. Apowersoft is loaded with a plethora of features to help users achieve high quality audio recordings.

Apowersoft features include:

Free recording software for mac

Another video recording software we are going to introduce is Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which is able to record screen and video, including streaming videos, online videos, live sports, etc in fast speed with excellent audio & video quality. Open Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac and go to the 'Record Screen' panel record. The Best Free Audio Production & Recording Software app downloads for Mac: Apple GarageBand Apple Final Cut Pro X Sibelius LMMS MPEG Streamclip Voice.

  • Converting audio format to MP3, WMV, WMA, M4R, and more
  • Burn CD's
  • Record online audio from any audio source or radio stream
  • Schedule audio recording so you can record and start at any time you like
  • Audio editing for custom ringtones from the audio you record

Recording vocals in Apowersoft can be done byclicking the big red button at the bottom left hand corner. The pause button isright beside the recording button so you can stop the recording and resumewhenever you deem fit. The library feature in Apowersoft is unique because it gives users access to all of their recorded audio files and to addcustom thumbnails to get rid of the default music symbol that appears automatically on mp3 files. This allows for customization and organization methods sousers can recognize their desired audio files without any sort of hassle.Try Apowersoft for yourself and you won't regret the decision.



Originally released in 2004, Garageband is one of the most well-known audio recording software products available. The main focus of Garageband is creating music and podcasts, but it can do much more. Comparing the Garageband of today with the 2004 version is really jaw dropping when you look at all the new features and plug-ins that have been implemented into it. Apple has done an amazing job keeping the software current over the last 14 years. Constant updates of their plug-ins, along with a dizzying amount of instrumental loops and vocal effects just goes to show Garageband can hold up and compete with other professional audio recording software.

Some of the newer features today’s version of Garageband range from:

  • Built in Music Lessons
  • MIDI-Editing
  • Mixing and Mastering Tools
  • Drum, Guitar, and Piano Loops
  • Beat sequencer

Editorial Note on Transport Controls:

I would like to commend Apple for finally moving the transportcontrols to the top of the screen instead the bottom much like the moreprofessional audio recording software Logic Pro X (also exclusively forMacs, however it’s not free)

As you can see the transport controls are no longer on the bottom so the horrors of trying to hit play and rewind by going to the bottom of the screen are finally gone.

iScream Audio Recorder

iScream is a downloadable audio recording software is great for short bits that you may want to use for YouTube videos or even ad-libs that you want to put into your music. This software is fairly basic and doesn't offer the most number of features or plug-ins, but that's what iScream is really meant for. The amount of audio formats this software supports reinforces just how rudimentary it really is. iScream only supports MP3, AAC, and WAV so your options are limited. That's not to say the quality of your audio will suffer. iScream does an excellent job of recording high quality, short bits of audio quickly and easily. To record, you simply click the icon and it starts recording. To stop, you click the icon again and it stops recording saves the audio to a pre-set location. iScream is nothing fancy, just an audio recording software for people who appreciate the simple things in life.


Although Audacity can run on a windows PC as well as a Mac, and we included it in our article 6 Free Software Every Audiophile Should Download, we felt it would be criminal to leave this highly reputable audio recording software off the list. Like Garageband, Audacity is a well-known free audio recording and audio editing software for starting musicians. Audacity is best known for its ability to record and edit audio with endless amounts of effects and plug-ins that come with it. I used Audacity a lot when I made YouTube videos mainly to remove background noise and fuzz from my audio as well as adding bass to my vocals.

Some features Audacity offers are:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Equalization
  • Bass Boost
  • Compression
  • Echo
  • Change Pitch
  • Change Speed

Audacity is one of the most effective and most trustworthy audio recording software products out there. If you can master Audacity your audio will sound as grand as if it came from a professional audio engineer.

Take Your Pick

All the audio recording software listed above will definitely help beginners gain experience and knowledge towards audio recording. Keep in mind that the free options on this list aren't going to give you the same experience or the high number of tools to work with like other high-end audio recording software will. One thing I can assure is that once you are able to master and maneuver around these free audio recording software programs you can take your audio quality to the next level.

Screen recorders are an excellent tool that is used to record the on-screen happenings on any device. The screen recorder can be listed among the top five agencies in today's times because they can be used as efficient tools to run an organization successfully.

The screen recorders in the market can be effectively used in a wide range of industries as well as enterprises. In our circumstances where we are held back at homes working from our laptops, screen recorders help us remember things that our brains often skip.

The most exclusive feature about screen recorders is that they are free to use and quite readily available in the market and on the Internet. One must know how to use it tactfully. The primary use of screen recorders is to record everything that goes on a person's computer screen.

It can quite easily be used on Windows as well as on Mac with minimum maintenance requirements. In this article, we will go through the two main types of screen recorders; free Mac audio screen recorder and paid Mac screen recorder with audio. Let us review all the top screen recorders under each category to know its benefits well enough.

Free Mac Audio Screen Recorder

Some of the top screen recorders that fall under the category which makes the software free have been given below. These screen recorders can help you out without any monthly or yearly subscription. Most of these screen recorders are open source software that allows individuals to record live streaming, conferences, desktop activity, and more. Everyone likes a benefit, especially if it is free.

With the free screen recording software, you can use the full services that a paid software can offer anyone. Mac has super sleek software collections that come with high-end encryption systems, excellent functionality, high productivity, and useful feedback. To match up to that level, we have compiled a list of free screen recorders that let you record your screen with no issues at all.

Mac offers several screen recorders that work well with the interface. It makes the operating system all the more user-friendly than it already is.

One might wonder whether the free screen recorders are of any competition in front of the paid screen recorders, but they will be surprised to know that there are barely any differences between the two. Let us take a detailed look into the list of screen recorders that come for free and understand how they work.

1. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is one of the most frequently downloaded screen recorders on a Mac platform. It offers an added functionality of a media player as well. Thus, one can use it as a player to play media and record the on-going activities on-screen.

One should take note of the fact that the QuickTime Player can only make a recording of the screen. It is quite unlike any screencasting software that makes a copy of the activities on screen and the webcam. You cannot record both at the same time as well.

There are two explicit recording modes on the free screen and audio recorder for Mac, the QuickTime software. One mode is where you can record the entire screen, and the other is the recording of the part of the screen, which you select with the mouse. The QuickTime Player offers audio recording options as well.

You can input audio recording into the video recording with the help of a microphone. QuickTime Player is intelligent enough to let you choose which audio device you would like to use to input the audio. Alternatively, you can also select the audio capture device to none if you do not wish to record any audio with the video.

2. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Talk about a Mac screen recorder with audio, and one of the first names that come to mind is the Screen Recorder Robot Lite. Since this falls under the free software list, it does not require any monthly or yearly subscription to keep the services going on in your computer system.

This is an extremely powerful application meant to screen record, take a screenshot, and make edits to it. The app automatically recognizes the taskbars, menus, as well as windows present on the screen. If there is any problem selecting an area on the screen, one can use the magnifying tool to choose a particular area on the screen.

Furthermore, you can use the same magnifying tool to display the screen's width, height, and length. Screen Recorder Robot Lite offers high functionality and an extremely smooth user interface. This software gives you a free screen recorder at the level of one that is paid for. One of the best features of the Screen Recorder Robot Lite is that it does not add a watermark to the recorded videos. You can cut, crop, or edit your screen recordings depending on what you want.

3. Record it

Mac has a variety of software that is extremely useful. RecordIt proves to be one of the top-level applications for the Mac interface. If you were to record the screen on a Mac for free, this software works better than others due to its high-level code structure. It has a four-star rating on the App Store.

Furthermore, it introduces fun elements like gifs and images in the recorded video of the screen. One cannot ignore certain drawbacks of this software, including the inability to add audio recordings to the video recorded of the screen. It isn't easy to allow the synchronization of the audio.

Furthermore, this Mac screen recorder with audio free restricts video recording of the screen beyond five minutes. If you are willing to work around these issues, Recordit is an excellent app with a minimalistic approach to screen recording. Recordit has an excellent user interface with all the buttons present on the same screen that you will be recording. You can toggle between the controls while the software is on record. Besides, the edited software looks quite cute and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Free Audio Software For Mac

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the better screen recorders in the market for free on Mac and iOS platforms. This software will allow users to record the screen flawlessly. One of the unique features of the software includes the creation and publishing of live stream videos too. With OBS Studio, you can confidently add or embed specific snippets of other videos on the recorded screen video.

One might find the user interface to be a bit dull but do not underestimate this software's power as it comes with certain added features such as a Studio Mode above all. The bonus features are those that no other screen recorder uses, especially those under the free to use category. OBS Studio can be used for professional and personal use, but given the minimalistic user interface, you can use this software for official purposes exceptionally.

5. Jing

Jing is a screen recording software that is developed by a brand that goes by the name Techsmith. It is a video recording software that does not charge you any money for Mac-based operations. You can additionally record video snippets with this software. The software screen opens up as a sun icon on the screen. This icon can be dragged around and placed at any place on the screen. This icon leads you to the functions of the Jing software. The functions include recording videos, taking screenshots, and recording your on-going screen with maximum ease.

Jing has an attractive interface that gives you options to select from before or after hitting the record button. This screen recorder offers high functionality with no charges on the software at all. You can use Jing on the Mac laptop or iOS phone so that you can record screens that are of any length, breadth, and width.

These are the top five software that allows Mac users to record their laptops or desktop screens with no charges. You can avail features that are almost equivalent to the paid screen recorders on the Internet.

Paid Mac Screen Recorder with Audio

The second category of screen recorders requires users to take a monthly subscription or may for one-time use. Content is information, and information is everything in the digital age. Whether you are a consumer of content or a creator, videos are probably the most significant part of your online diet.

It is almost necessary nowadays to provide entertainment and information in the form of videos, and similarly, the reception of the same is also much better in video formats. Therefore, it is quite apparent that screen-recording, whether on your iPhone or Mac, is such an essential tool.

Whether you want to create presentations for your office meetings or you want to record a lecture as a student to be able to refer to later, good screen-recording software can be a life-saver for everyone. Any such software should have:

  1. Easily accessible recording options
  2. Presentation-making abilities
  3. Fundamental to advanced editing abilities
  4. Annotation options
  5. A basic preset and template library

This list goes over five of the best applications in this regard for Mac users. You can choose either of these based on your specific needs. Most of these also offer trial periods, so that way, you can make a more informed choice. Browse through the following to choose your preferred screen-recorder:

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

One of the best apps in this category, WonderShare, is an all-in-one package for videos. With regard to screen recording, it offers fantastic facilities and makes all their features readily available at the single click of the mouse.

You can expect top quality in terms of video editing, too, when it comes to Wondershare. What is more, some of their most useful tools are also free! You can get it both for Windows and Mac operating systems. Wondershare offers incredible workflow and editing options for creators and non-creators alike.

Free Audio And Video Recording Software For Macbook

Featuring a very accessible and easy to learn interface, you can add annotations, record your presentation with voice-overs, create video tutorials, and even record gaming accomplishments with ease. Wondershare being the best Mac screen recorder with audio, allows you to make such presentations, gaming videos, etc. as an all-inclusive software. With just this one software, all your creative needs are satisfied. Their rates are also very affordable, with monthly and annual deals both available.

2. Camtasia

Developed and published by TechSmith, Camtasia has been one of the frontrunners in this market for almost 20 years now and seems to be the preferred choice of many professionals. Also, it boasts a plethora of editing options and is also very simple to learn.

It offers tools for both the video recording and editing savant as well as the novice. High definition recording capabilities, green-screen effects, complex animations, GoogleDrive compatibility, etc. are just some of the fantastic features provided by this product's developers.

It also gives you ready to use features like multiple templates and presets along with royalty-free music to use in your videos. Further, you can embed other videos into your recording, allowing for high degrees of control and professionalism in content creation. If you are unwilling to pay the money right away (which is an annual or a lifetime subscription), you can start with a 30-day free trial.

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Video Recording software, free download

One of the newer apps on this list, Movavi Screen Recorder, is slowly becoming a favorite among users in this category. Movavi has come out with multiple top quality video editing software in the past, and this one is no different. Offering a wide variety of features and possessing one of the most straightforward interfaces of all the apps here, you might consider giving this one a try.

Video Recording Software For Mac

The quality of the app is top-notch. High definition videos translate perfectly into this software, and it lets you capture the video from any screen. While it might lag behind the other applications here in terms of being both a screen recording app and a video editor, Movavi makes up for this fact by providing such excellent quality in its visuals. If you do need the other features, they offer a bundle comprising both the screen recorder and their video editor at a fantastic price.

4. SnagIt

Yet another software in this category, SnagIt, has been around since 1990! This speaks volumes about its quality and justifies its place on this list. This software is slightly more geared towards the novice user than experienced video editors and creators, but it has all the features you could ask for anyway. It was formerly released only for Windows platforms, but now it is also available for Mac.

About the previous statement, it should be mentioned that the Mac version has a few fewer features. However, the basic functionality is all there. You can add text, trim the video, add audio, make animations and export it in a format of your choice. SnagIt also provides very useful presets and templates that can be used to make videos and create content. There is also a free trial option available if you do not want to pay the annual fee right away.

5. ScreenFlow

Created by Telestream, this is a fantastic application exclusively for Mac platforms for screencasting and video editing, not to mention screen recording! This software is more suited to professional work as it boasts some of the best features of any video editing software. The interface has a beautiful modern design to it, and this is overall just a terrific software for all types of creators and professionals.

The facilities provided by ScreenFlow are almost incomparable. What it has going for itself is its presets. Templates, a vast library of sample clips, royalty-free sound effects and music, animations, and multiple format support, makes this indeed a great creators tool. All this does, however, put it in a slightly higher price bracket. They also have three purchasing options starting from the basic package to higher-priced possibilities, including more extensive libraries.


The screen recorders are great tools to record seminars, programs, conventions, and everything online to ensure that it stays stored on the soft copy. It can also be used to record responses. The screen recorders are extremely handy for organizers of an event or large organizations as it gives them useful feedback.

You can use the various options on the screen recorders that come for Mac laptops or iOS phones. Try them on your desktop or your computer. Make sure to use a screen recorder with audio free Mac or a paid screen recorder to enjoy the benefits of recording screens and editing them at your own will.