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Chain of Command - This is one of the most basic components of a simple organizational structure. This is a continuous line of authority which spreads over the organization throughout way down to the bottom. Software

Step 1 Span of Control: This refers to the amount of underlings a superior is able to efficiently manage. The biggest the subordinates ratio to superiors is, the bigger the span of control there will be.

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Step 2 Centralization: If the power of decision-making is concentrated at a point, the simple organizational structure is centralized. If power of decision-making is spread out, the structure is dispersed.

Step 3 Specialization: This is also is what we called as the division of labor, this is specialization is the degree where in tasks or activities in an organization are divided and broken down into separate jobs.

Step 4 Formalization: The same as specialization, formalization has to do something about how jobs are organized in an organization. The main difference here is that formalization also considered to the degree to which the tasks and activities of an employee are administered by procedures, rules, and other contrivances.

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Step 5 Departmentalization: Departmentalization is known as the process of grouping jobs together so as to organize common tasks and activities.

1. Include work history by using actions in describing skills and responsibilities.