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Free Organizational Chart Software For Mac

Chain of Command - This is one of the most basic components of a simple organizational structure. This is a continuous line of authority which spreads over the organization throughout way down to the bottom.

  • MyDraw delivers organizational chart software for macOS (Mac OS X) to help you create professional-looking organization charts, corporate structure charts and other business diagrams. An organizational chart (also called organization chart, org chart, organigram, or organogram) is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.
  • ClickCharts Flowchart Software for Mac v.1.05 Design flowcharts and diagrams easily with this free Mac software. Quickly create strong visuals of an organization, process, mind map, UML diagram and more. Map out your value streams and data flow. Export to jpg, gif, png and more.
  • Pingboard is a better way to build, manage and share your Org Chart. Browse your organization with a beautiful, dynamic org chart, filled with photos of your employees. The org chart is kept up-to-date for you as people change managers when you connect to your IT or HR system. You can export and share the org chart, and access it from your phone.

Professional Org Chart Templates for Mac - Free to Download If you are looking for organizational chart templates for Mac, this article will do you a great favor. Here are abundant organizational chart templates for Mac, all of them are free, downloadable, editable and printable. ConceptDraw is another organizational chart drawing software that fits Mac OS. With ConceptDraw, you are able to create org charts for different needs and business quickly and easily. Tree Auto-connection mode allows you to draw an organizational chart in moments.

Step 1 Span of Control: This refers to the amount of underlings a superior is able to efficiently manage. The biggest the subordinates ratio to superiors is, the bigger the span of control there will be.

Free Organizational Chart Templates

Step 2 Centralization: If the power of decision-making is concentrated at a point, the simple organizational structure is centralized. If power of decision-making is spread out, the structure is dispersed.


Step 3 Specialization: This is also is what we called as the division of labor, this is specialization is the degree where in tasks or activities in an organization are divided and broken down into separate jobs.

Step 4 Formalization: The same as specialization, formalization has to do something about how jobs are organized in an organization. The main difference here is that formalization also considered to the degree to which the tasks and activities of an employee are administered by procedures, rules, and other contrivances.

Software for creating organizational charts

Step 5 Departmentalization: Departmentalization is known as the process of grouping jobs together so as to organize common tasks and activities.

1. Include work history by using actions in describing skills and responsibilities.

Free Organizational Chart Software For MacFree organizational chart software for macs

A handy and professional org chart software would benefit your business a lot. Let’s check out together some of the top recommended free org chart software names for all scales of business firms.

Edraw Max (for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Edraw Max is an easy-to-use free org chart software with many editable options and features. Users can benefit from the innovative interface; the rich vector-based org chart elements; the auto-formatting tool to generate your org charts from external files and more. Furthermore, you can export files in many different formats such as MS Office, PDF, SVG and so on.

yEd (for Windows and Mac)

yEd is one of the free org chart software for you to easily draw diagrams and charts manually or based on external data. Besides, users can select from many different layout algorithms to automatically arrange charts within just a few seconds. For example, the auto-arrangement tool for sorting large sets of organizational staff details by just hitting a button.

OmniGraffle (for Windows and Mac)

OmniGraffle is another versatile free org chart software. Overall, it is easy to follow for every single element, so you can create org charts conveniently. The preset styling features are also great for org chart design beginners to easily move around single shape and unit.

Gliffy (for Windows and Mac)

Gliffy as a free org chart software is easy to operate. The tool covers high-quality drawing options for both students and small firms owners. The service team is easy to access for any problems or feedback. On the other hand, Gliffy should have improved its printout feature for different browser versions.

Ingentis org.manager (Web-based)

The free org chart software Ingentis org manager is a good choice to generate org charts in different layout types. It also has setting options for checking some important performance figures like gender groups and absence data etc. One of the inconvenient points of the software is, currently you can only use it for online projects. Hope the desktop versions would be come out in the future.

Free Org Chart Software Top List Conclusion

Free Organizational Chart Software For Macbook

So far, we have discussed the list of the top recommended free org chart software with both benefits and weak points. All of these are quite good choices for Microsoft Visio alternatives. Feel free to go for your favorite one and get started via a free download right now.