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Simplify3D – S3D. Simplify3D is the best available 3D Slicer for professionals. I've been having ongoing issues with slicers in Excel for Mac - after realising they don't work in Office 2011 I upgraded my software and I'm now on Yosemite / Office 2016. I can now see the slicers on spreadsheets, and they appear to be interactive (by that I mean they filter as I click through them), but the graph they should be modifying.

Before installing MakerBot Print 3.0 and above, uninstall previous versions (Windows 7, 10).

Requires firmware version 2.0 or higher. For Replicator 2/2X, USB is not supported.

IT Professionals, please click here for instructions on enterprise deployment.


MakerBot Print is our new desktop application that allows you to prepare, manage, and monitor 3D prints.

  • Prepare: Import design files in native CAD and fine-tune their settings for optimal results when printing.
  • Manage: Keep your projects organized by automatically arranging models across one or several build plates.
  • Monitor: Kick-off prints, control your printer, and monitor print progress remotely.
Free Slicer Software For Mac

System Compatibility

  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: WINDOWS (7 and 10, 64-bit only) and macOS 10.12 to macOS 10.15.
    Not Supported: Windows 8, XP, Vista, Server, and Linux


  • RAM: 2GB minimum, 8GB or more recommended
  • DISK SPACE: 2.5GB, 20GB or more recommended
  • VIDEO CARD: NVidia, AMD, or Intel, post 2015. 512MB video memory.
  • SCREEN RESOLUTION: 1280×1024 minimum, 1920×1080 or more recommended.
  • CPU: AMD or Intel, post 2015.
  • NETWORK: Ethernet or wireless connectivity to Local Area Network
  • INSTALLATION: Broadband Internet connection
  • BROWSER FOR ONLINE DOCUMENTATION: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or above


  • Mac: MakerBot (.makerbot), STL (.stl)
  • Windows: MakerBot (.makerbot), STL (.stl), SolidWorks (.sldprt, .sldasm), InventorOBJ (.ipt, .iam), IGES (.iges, .igs), STEP AP203/214 (.step, .stp), CATIA (.CATPart, .CATProduct), Wavefront Object(.obj), Unigraphics/NX (.prt), Solid Edge (.par, .asm), ProE/Creo (.prt, .prt., .asm, .asm.), VRML(.wrl), Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)

Note: Users cannot import MakerBot (.makerbot) files.

Cura Slicer software, free download

MakerBot Print FAQ

MakerBot Print Release Notes MakerBot Print Support

Printer Connectivity

  • MakerBot Print supports USB connection to the METHOD X, METHOD, Replicator+, Replicator Mini+, Replicator 5th Generation, and Replicator Z18.
  • MakerBot Print supports network connection to the METHOD X, METHOD, Replicator+, Replicator Mini+, Replicator 5th Generation, and Replicator Z18.
  • MakerBot Print supports the METHOD Model Extruder 1A, METHOD Extruder 2A, METHOD Extruder 1XA, METHOD Extruder 2XA, and Smart Extruder+.

Legacy Printer Support

For the final version of MakerBot Print with Replicator Mini, Replicator 2, Replicator 2X, and Smart Extruder support, download here: Windows MacOS

Cura Free Slicer Software

For MakerBot Desktop, download here.

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China Users

Free Slicer Software For Macbook

For users from mainland China experiencing issues with updating to the latest software or firmware, please use the QR code below to download updates.