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Recommended by many experts, Treble is open-source software and is 100 percent free of. Screenplay Writing Software is widely used by writers, producers, filmmakers and directors of all studios and production houses. A screenplay writing software helps you develop your script into a strong storyboard for your video or production. The following are best-used storyboard software and screenwriting software assist in having correct script format, pagination, auto-compilation and also.

A massive update to the best-reviewed screenwriting app for Mac.
Dark Mode. Drag-and-drop Outline. Timeline. Automatic formatting. Colored notes.
Live Compare. FDX import/export. Free for shorts.

Start Writing for Free

Slugline 2 is a free download, and works without watermarks or limitations until you pass page six, at which point you can upgrade to Unlimited Writing. Kick the tires at no cost — or, if all you write is short films, never pay a dime!

The Darkest Timeline

Slugline 2 has dark mode. And a completely new design that maintains Slugline’s beloved no-buttons simplicity, while providing quick access to formatting options, the Outline Navigator, and the new Timeline, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of your structure and pacing.

  • A4 paper support

  • Easier title pages

  • Courier Prime Sans for writing

  • Multi-colored Notes

  • Scene numbering

  • Formatting helpers

  • Preferences for new document settings

  • Auto-save all the time

Slugline 2 uses Fountain, a plain-text screenplay format that’s free, open, and compatible with everything.

Slugline 2 produces beautiful, industry-standard paper and PDF screenplays, with perfect pagination.

And Slugline 2 works with Slugline for iPhone and iPad. Sync your work over iCloud or Dropbox, and write wherever, whenever.

Slugline 2 for Mac

Free for the first six pages, then $49.99 USD to unlock Unlimited Writing and FDX export. Live Compare, Scene Numbering, Search and Replace, an all-new Timeline, and the drag-and-drop outline.


Slugline for
iPhone & iPad

Free Screenwriting Software For Windows

Write and edit your screenplay on your iPhone. Slugline for iOS/iPadOS is fully compatible with Mac, sharing files on iCloud and Dropbox. But it also works on its own, creating perfect Hollywood-standard print and PDF output.