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  • Already asked at superuser (Credits to the OP). I post the answer here again - slightly modified: There is no version of VMware Player for OS X. Instead, VMware sells a Mac version of their product called VMware Fusion.
  • Re: vmware player for Mac OSX bonestamp Mar 29, 2011 9:23 PM ( in response to mikeisbelldotnet ) If you're developing for the BlackBerry Playbook on Mac, use VMWare Fusion (VMWare Player is only good for PC/Linux).
  • Overview of macOS Catalina Image file for Virtualbox and VMWare. For testing applications, virtual machines are the best choice. Using this, users can also test the software as well as the operating system.

What is VMware Workstation Player

Download the MacOs High Sierra Image For VMware From our Google drive direct download links fast and easy. Experience the best way to Work on Mac Os through VMware workstation player. MacOS High Sierra is of new forward-looking technologies and enhanced features to your Mac. Download and install VMware Workstation VMware can go to the official website or on the ed2k network search download (recommended). Described here no longer compile. Described here no longer compile. Apple systems on Mac OS X installation disc image, use the dmg format of the original image.

VMware Workstation Player is a virtualization program made available freely for personal non-commercial use by VMware, Inc.

The program enables windows and Linux users to emulate a computer system (a PC inside a PC) where one can install other operating systems inside the host OS, VMware Player makes it seamless to move between the host and guest operating systems.

To learn more about virtual machines, we think the Wikipedia page is a good read.

How to install VMware Workstation Player

First, make sure your PC meets these requirements to run VMware Workstation Player

  • A 1 GHz 64-bit processor is the minimum required (2GHz CPU is more recommended).
  • 2GB RAM is the minimum required (4GB is more recommended).
  • Approximately 150MB of free disk space to install the application.

It is recommended to consult the official FAQ in case the requirements have changed.

If your PC meets the requirements then proceed to download the latest version of VMware Workstation Player which is 15.0.4 by clicking the download link above, or visit the download page on the official website , then for Windows users the installation is simple, just right click on the downloaded file then run as administrator then follow the instructions.

How to use VMware Workstation Player

After installing VMware Workstation Player, you can do two things:

Create a VM

Vmplayer Mac Download Version

  1. Click on 'Create a New Virtual Machine' on the main page or navigate to Player > File > New Virtual Machine.
  2. Select how you will install the operating system, three options are available, which are, Installer disc (CD ROM), Installer disc image (ISO file) or Install the OS later (create the VM only).
  3. Select the guest operating system, you will have a list of supported operating systems to select from.
  4. Name the VM and choose a location for it.
  5. Specify the disk capacity, choose the maximum disk capacity for the guest operating system, the virtual machine will start small but can expand to the maximum size specified in this step, you can also choose to store the virtual machine as a single file (better performance) or multiple files (easier to move to another computer).
  6. Click finish.
Vmplayer mac download windows 10

Run an existing VM

  1. Click on 'Open a virtual machine'.
  2. Navigate to the directory where you have your VM click on it (it is a .vmx file), this will add it to the top of your library.
  3. Click on 'Edit virtual machine settings' if you need to change the settings (for example change the RAM size allocated for the VM).
  4. Finally, click on 'Play virtual machine'.

What can you do with VMware Workstation Player

There are many reasons to use VMware Workstation Player, some of them are

  • Safely run programs you do not trust enough, instead of trying out software that can damage your operating system, run it safely on a virtual machine.
  • Run legacy software, run an older OS on your new OS to run legacy software.
  • Test your software on different platforms, this is very useful for software developers where you can test your programs on different platforms or versions of the same platform.
  • Experiment with different operating systems, maybe you are a windows user and you want to try Linux for a change.

VirtualBox a VMware Workstation Player alternative

VirtualBox is another free virtualization software from Oracle that is a very good competitor to VMware Workstation Player, it is also available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Vmware Player For Mac

But unlike VMware Workstation Player, VirtualBox is open-source and fully free software, whereas VMware Workstation Player is a restricted (free for personal use) version of the full workstation (paid) version.

Download the latest version of VMware Workstation Player 15.0.4 right here in Downzen, just click the download button above for a fast and direct download link.

If your machine is part of the mainstream configuration, you can discard the traditional real native partition installation method, while the use of virtual machine method described in this article, not only greatly reduce the problems encountered difficult, but also in the use of Mac OS X to get the experience is excellent the. (This tutorial configuration needs: support hardware virtualization technology (Virtualization) of the CPU. Current mainstream Intel Core series and AMD Athlon series CPU virtualization technology is supported, the name was Intel VT-x and AMD-V.)

Description of the whole process

Preparatory work
Installing VMware
Crack VMware supports Mac OS X
In VMware Install Mac OS X
Finishing work late


This tutorial method used by the virtual machine, provided that the machine's CPU must support hardware virtualization technology. Readers can be CPU-V or CPU-Z and other tools to test the result. Open CPU hardware virtualization technology can be turned on via the motherboard BIOS settings.

Download and install VMware Workstation VMware can go to the official website or on the ed2k network search download (recommended). Described here no longer compile.

Vmplayer Mac Download Windows 10

Apple systems on Mac OS X installation disc image, use the dmg format of the original image. I recommend to search for ed2k network download (recommended), the keyword is 'Mac OS X Mountain Lion dmg' or 'Mac OS X Lion dmg'. Described here no longer compile.

Crack VMware Workstation supports Mac OS X
Here we need to use the tool 'Workstation and Fusion Mac OS X Unlocker'

VMware Workstation and complete the installation after the restart, completely unpack Unlocker compressed package to the administrator mode windows/install.cmd.

Vmplayer Mac DownloadVmplayer Mac Download

Unlocker will automatically stop VMware services, backup VMware program files, program files crack VMware, restart the VMware service and a series of operations, and will automatically end the command line window.

After the break VMware has created a virtual machine system selection dialog:

Create Mac OS X, VMware virtual machines

After Unlocker crack, start VMware Workstation normally create a virtual machine, select 'Apple Mac OS X' (depending on the Mac OS installation disk in the system, select the corresponding version of the correct version, here I use a Mac OS X Mountain Lion, version 10.8 64-bit). Creation process has the following non-default configuration:

(1) in the processor options, select 'Number of cores per processor (each processor cores)' for the two, which can induce a VMware virtual machine automatically enables advanced hardware virtualization technology.

(2) after created, first click on the 'Edit virtual machine settings', the hardware's 'Floppy' delete option is enabled in the display 'Accelerate 3D graphics'.

(3) In Virtual machine configuration, in the Advanced Settings, set the priority of the input capture 'high', and check 'Disable memory page trimming.

With a text editor (such as Notepad) to edit the virtual machine files (where the author is E:Program Files(x86)Virtual_MachinesMac OS XMac OS X.vmx), add a line at the end of the file:

This operation is used to disable the VMware virtual machine is placed on your hard disk memory mirroring prevents the virtual machine hard disk read and write operation occurs during the busy horrors.

Start the VMware virtual machine and install Mac OS X

Edit the virtual machine configuration 'CD / DVD' option in the 'Use ISO image file' at the choice of our Mac OS X installation disc image. (Please select the browse file dialog box when the file type, select 'All Files (*. *)', You can see the file name suffix for the dmg image file.) Confirmation is complete, start the VMware virtual machine.

Start the virtual machine, the virtual machine default boot from the CD, the Apple Logo appears after officially came to Mac OS X installation interface.

In the 'Mac OS X Utilities' select 'Disk Utility', select the first hard drive on the left and on the right select 'Erase' (the 'Format' select 'Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)'), Click the 'Erase' button to format the current drive.

After formatting the hard disk partition, back to 'Mac OS X Utilities' and click 'Install Mac OS X', enter the installation process.

Completed in a VMware virtual machine after installing Mac OS X, the first thing of course is to install VMware Tools. VMware Tools includes the VMware virtual machine 'hardware' drive, the virtual machine and the host communication between functional support.

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