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Why Can T I Download Utorrent On My Mac


Every computer user’s first roadblock (usually) is using Torrents. We’ve all heard of them, and are quite curious with what they have to offer. I can’t quite imagine what life would be like if I didn’t know how to use torrents, so I’ll teach you enough to get along and walk on your own two feet.

Can't download torrents after updating to mac OS Sierra. After download the latest version of mac OS, my files in utorrent show 'downloading' but nothing is happening and not seeders/peers are connecting. Can't download torrents after updating to mac OS Sierra. After download the latest version of mac OS, my files in utorrent show 'downloading' but nothing is happening and not seeders/peers are connecting. Some Mac users say that they can't download programs from other website except Mac App Store, or they may can't be opened the download file. When they click on the download file, it says 'xxx can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer'.

First, I want you to remember that what you download and do with your computer is your own responsibility! Unfortunately, we are not in the position to help you out if you “accidentally” pirate any software or seasons of Friends.

You’ll need a BitTorrent client for your computer. As a Mac user, I prefer Vuze, although I’ve heard great things about Transmission and uTorrent as well.

How to use Vuze

You can usually get by with any ol’ client, as long as you can interact with it. Make sure you’re familiar with the UI! You should be familiar with where the download progress bar is, where the expected time remaining is, and how to set upload/download max limits (can usually be done by right-clicking).

The torrent client isn’t exactly the most important part — the torrent is! Here, I’ll introduce you to two sites that aggregate torrents, meaning they gather torrents from around the Internet and index them, and thus allow you to sort from a greater variety.

There are tons of confusing things about torrents: trackers, specific files, and legality issues — but ultimately, the only thing you need to know is that the seed-to-leech ratio needs to be high. (Although brushing up on legality issues should be a priority as well. ;))

Why can t i download utorrent on my mac download

Why Can T I Download Utorrent On My Macbook Pro

What is a seed-to-leech ratio?

A seed-to-leech ratio is the number of seeders to leechers. You want this number to be as high as possible! Basically, always pick the torrent with the highest number of seeds (hosts/uploaders) to leeches (downloaders). (In the picture, the green numbers represent the number of seeds and the blue zero is the number of leechers.)

If you’re given an option to go with 300 seeds and 500 leeches or 50 seeds and 30 leeches, go with the torrent with 50 seeds. You’ll notice that the speeds are dramatically faster and often quite capable of reaching breakneck speeds.

If/when a download ever appears to slow down or freeze, it never hurts to right-click a torrent and click Update Tracker. This prompts the client to refresh the list and hopefully find more peers on, which you can obtain the file from.

Where do Downloaded Files go?

You can set a location for your files to get downloaded into. By default, Vuze creates a Vuze Downloads folder in your Downloads folder.

You can always change the location from within Vuze. Simply click the Vuze menu, and select Preferences. From there, select Downloads and you can change the location within the bar.

How can I Stop Seeding?

I usually don’t prefer for people to stop seeding (sharing is caring). If in some cases, your Internet is lagging though or if you’re not legally allowed to upload music but are allowed to download, then I can sympathize with you. Stopping uploading (seeding) is simple: simply select the torrent that’s complete, and select Stop at the top.

Start Getting Friendly with Torrents!

They’re only going to be more and more mainstream: HD trailers and documentaries are starting to be released via torrent. It’s useful to learn how to better use torrents, and how you can take advantage of this nice piece of technology.

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It is always irritating to see downloads stops at a certain point even without any action from the user side. Download managers solved this problem to an extent, but still there are people who experience such download problems on their computer. So, we have an article on “why does download stop before it is finished” to help you understand the reasons and possible solutions for this. Having a look at them maybe the lifesaver next time you face the error.

Why Can't I Download Utorrent On My Mac

Why does Download Stop Before it is Finished?

There are several reasons why the downloads stop before getting complete. Here we are listing few of them to let you understand the possible reasons.

Due to Antivirus or Firewall

Antivirus and Firewalls are helpful to an extent. Even though, they may also cause some problems in certain situations. If any of the sources from where the downloading file is served has there in the blacklist of the Antivirus or the Firewall, there is no way to download it when they are turned on. Even it is a good security measure, some legitimate sites also get blocked by Firewalls or antivirus. This blocks the data flow at a certain point of time where the download becomes unresponsive. Most of the times, such errors will be bypassed by the Download Managers.

UnResoponsive Server

If thousands of users using the server where the file that you are trying to download is located at the same time. And if the server has no much resources to handle such a massive real-time traffic, some downloads might get affected. At the point where the bandwidth reached its maximum, your connection with the server gets temporarily disconnected and the download stops. If you are using the browsers to download such files, you may not be able to resume it. But using a Download Manager can help most of the times.

Connection Issues

If you have a faulty or slow connection, the possibility of losing connection with the target server is very high. So, you should use a better connection to download files especially the bigger ones. For small files that size few MBs, the connection speed is not a problem. But for larger files, you better take a good connection before trying to download again after numerous attempts.

Browser or Software Problems

It is very uncommon to have the problems by the Browsers and download manager software. Even though, it happens rarely. If you are using some bad browsers or some spammy download managers, they may not be able to handle the connection as a good software. So the download stops at the middle.

The Solutions

Now, you’ve got a basic idea about how the downloads getting interrupted. So, it is the time to look for the solutions which may help to get rid of this and download those important files.

Download from a Mirror Link

In some cases, there may be a mirror link given alongside the original link of the file. You can try downloading from the mirror link instead of the original one. But the bitter truth is that most of the legitimate websites will not offer such mirror links. If there is one, you are lucky.

Try Disabling your Firewall or Antivirus

As I mentioned before, if you are trying to download the file from a website that you believe is safe but the antivirus blocks it with any security message, you can try disabling the Antivirus or Firewall. Most of the modern day security softwares come with options to disable it for a certain period. There are also options to add those URLs to the exclusion list so that the Antivirus or Firewall will ignore the threat in that URLs. Either disable it until the file gets downloaded or add it to the exclusion list.

Note: We do not recommend this as it may expose your computer and data to the security risks. So, only disable your security measures in case you hardly believe the website is trustable and will never cause problems to your computer.

Try again after some time

This is the easiest method that you can do. Just sit back on your chair and try it again after a few minutes or hours in some cases. If the problem is caused by the high real-time or the server side issues, trying after a few moments may help you download the files without any interruptions. You could also try pausing the download for a few moments and resume it later. This worked for few of our readers so that just mentioned here.

Use a Download Manager Software

Why Can T I Download Utorrent On My Macbook

Some browsers may not have the ability to download the required files efficiently. So, the download managers come into the playground. They are more stable and uses the bandwidth just for fetching the data from the origin server. Browsers won’t use the whole bandwidth or speed for download purpose only that considerably reduces the download speed and sometimes the quality of the downloaded files. So, switching to a Download Manager such as Free Download Manager can do the magic.

Diagnose your connection

If you are still not able to completely download the files, it is the time to diagnose your internet connection. Either you have a slow internet or a faulty modem, a diagnosis may help you. If you have a slow connection, there is not much to do other than upgrading it to a better one. If the problem is anything like bad DNS or wrong network configuration, the problems could be solved from the diagnosis itself. Windows and Mac both comes with the diagnosis features that you just have to right-click on the connection button and choose something that says “Diagnosis.” You can also depend on external software for this.

Why Can T I Download Utorrent On My Mac Os

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